Losing your religion?

Now I know in Christian circles religion is a ‘curse’ word but nonetheless that’s what you are a part of if you adhere to a denomination or a dogma that interprets the word of God by some dudes interpretation. My question is are we losing our religion?

I mean, losing our grip on what the fundamentals are of that religion and what was the original story. Has dogma and doctrine actually sucked away the relevance of the words of Christ or have they just re-interpreted them? I am asking are we getting the truth anymore or just the story as Martin Luther or a John Calvin saw it? Remarkably, they lived in different times than us and very possibly their interpretations may be a little out-dated or irrelevant.

I question some of the things the church is doing these days and how they may have very possibly lost their way, in some sense of that word. I find the church not meeting people’s basic needs and the church is crawling with backsliders…makes us feel good if we stay doesn’t it. If there is that much backsliding…is the church dealing with the issues of the day or just what they have in their 4 walls?

Recently, I read the words of Jesus again (the book of Matthew) and found it quite refreshing and strikingly different then what I see in church structures…myself being in the ‘backslidden’ state. The hiearchy within in the church is based on a business structure, not a church structure. Actually, I find the church running more like a capitalist business then a spiritual entity. We have boards that people sit on (elders), money that flows through the church for programming, and a structure where we produce the ‘have’s’ and the ‘have-not’s’. I find the reasons I left church in the first place being backed by solid evidence now.

People that say I am wrong I think have to look at the state of the church they are in and check if this is going on. Are they more capitalist? nationalist? or christian? Are we losing the truth of the gospels by becoming too structured? Are our interpretations of God’s word falling in line with society’s views on money, power structures, ethics, and politics? I personally see it happening on a daily basis and find it rather discharming.

I think we need to re-read those gospels and see them from a lens that isn’t tainted by structure, dogma, or doctrine….read those words for what they are. If you think a certain church has attained perfection in interpretation then you are sadly mistaken. I will get deeper on the matter but this post will suffice for now.