Mr. Robertson’s Neighbourhood

When last I wrote I wrote on has religion gone wrong? Well, I heard an answer and it was Pat Robertson. This person has made some of the most erroneous statements I ever heard blurted from a Christian’s mouth.

Firstly, he called for the assasination of that Venezuelan president named Chavez. He just straight out said America has the capabilities to seek this guy out, kill him, and replace him. I know Robertson may not agree with Chavez’s perspective, but kill him, that’s a little extreme don’t you think…even for a Christian. Since when does Robertson have the right to call someone a dictator, he’s not the U.S. Government and this is taking Christian judging to a new record low. If he was following his beliefs, and not some patriotism, why would he be this concerned with a dude from Venezuela? Robertson, pray about it dude just leave the ‘killing in God’s name’ to others.
Secondly, Robertson comes out and calls the severe stoke of Ariel Sharon a curse from God upon him, reasoning that people that mess with God’s land (trying to divide it and bring peace) will face this type of thing. I am not exactly sure where Robertson is getting this from but it seems kind of warped to think God would strike down a prime minister of Israel for trying to bring peace to the Middle East? Bush is bringing war to the Middle East and God hasn’t done nothing to him. Robertson, you’re getting too carried away with the judgements now, you are not God, you do not speak for Him, and you may be mis-interpreting His word.

The problem with this whole scenario is that Pat Robertson is making a fool out of himself and bringing God into it also. He is, in a way, making God’s name a bad thing to be associated with by his own words. Do I think God would have Chavez killed?…no. Do I think God made Ariel Sharon have that stroke?…no. Robertson, in thinking he is speaking for the Christian majority really speaks for himself. To top it off he doesn’t know it. Now that’s an ego trip.

Instead of guessing what’s next from Robertson’s mouth I can see his blind faith has led him to something that I think is wrong, nationalism and faith. In wanting Chavez dead he mixed up faith in God in faith in America. The Americans do talk tough with Chavez and Robertson thought he would jump the gun…however he was wrong on this one. He simply mixed up faith with politics…see where that’s going to land you. In his second ordeal, he wasn’t being American Nationalistic but Jewish Nationalistic, referring to the Old testament for a scripture about the Holy land and what happened to Ariel Sharon. His understanding is that God will defend Israel (the holy land) and since the Jewish race is the chosen race and Ariel Sharon tried to hurt this race, a stroke hit him. Now that’s just absurd and pretty much out of context with Christian theology but hey, he’s Pat Robertson, let him say what he wants.

And this is the problem with some modern strains of Christianity…nationalism. Thinking God resides in a state, or a race of people…and from that race or land comes a tie with God, a bond if you will. Now maybe the Holy land does have a bond with God, I don’t know, but what I do know is that America doesn’t. Pat Robertson, come down off that high horse and hang with the common folk.

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