Brave New World: Lost in Translation

I criticize! I judge! I am but a mere mortal with very little knowledge of the big picture. I am stuck in the middle of the ‘machine’, and that ‘machine’ doesn’t want to budge. The ‘machine’ singles you out! The ‘machine’ shows you the door and although it doesn’t kick you out it mine as well, it paves a road for you. It’s a brave new day. It’s a brave new world. ‘I am’ is in the middle of this too somewhere but that is where this gets tricky. ‘I am’ is not the ‘machine’, even the name will tell you that. ‘I am’ lives and is real while the ‘machine’ is something I can touch but seems soul-less. There is a seperation here somewhere. It’s a brave new person born in a brave new land.

If I miss the point then that’s just too bad, the map was marked in advance and not by me. I am interpreting their scribbles and lines and not really getting what I want out of this trip. Their seems like their was a road on this map that was ‘less travelled’ and so it disappeared. The ‘machine’ won’t let me interpret the map my way, follow the highways and bi-ways only. I am a brave new person though, not them. So what if I cut across some lines and make my own path, cause I can see a path and I want to take it. Then maybe I should, I’ll be ostracized by the ‘machine’ but what’s that matter to me. The people who adopt the ‘machine’ don’t even know what they adopt anyways, they believe the map is infallible.

It’s a trek alright. Making a path that some other people used to use, seems covered in long grass but I think it’s there and the ‘machine’ tells me not to see it. Still, I see something and that something can’t be nothing, can it? The ‘machine’ was part of me for a long time and doing this new path makes me doubt. I am sure other people have travelled here before and that’s comforting, in a historical sense only. The other people around me offer absolutely no comfort whatsoever, they doubt first anyways…must be the ‘machine’ that puts that there in people.

I am only starting this travel. I am asking others to come along but they can’t see a path that doesn’t exist to them. I was shown the path one time, by the ‘I am’ that is part of the ‘machine’ but isn’t. Could I be wrong? All I have to go on is blind faith and believe me it’s quite blind right now, even the map from the ‘machine’ says so. But that experience I had with the ‘I am’ seems to supercede the ‘machine’ and even the map. The ‘machine’ is in my head still, but that is slowly fading with each step I take. Even if I have to cut the grass to find the path I will. I am so determined by my experience that the ‘machine’ lost its hold on me.

The ‘machine’ says it cared but on closer inspection is that even possible? I broke some of it’s rules and became an outcast to it, the laws it kept made sure I was judged accordingly. It never threw me out but never gave me much hope after that point either. Farewell ‘machine’, I guess the road ‘less travelled’ has to be tried out sometime, by someone, brave.

The path will reveal itself slowly in time, I am not the only one who looked on that map and saw what I saw. Others will slowly follow, I am sure. Slow is the right word, I am alone out here in tall grass. It’s the same map, the same ‘I am’, but I think the road they say isn’t there is. The Baptist did something similar, cleared a path, I recall such a great story. I will do something similar, the ‘machine’ missed this path and took others down its paved road instead. I will cut this grass and let others know, the path the ‘machine’ made wasn’t the only one. Were still going out into the same wilderness and this path still leads to the same city. Am I doing anything different? I am just not following that ‘machine anymore!


2 thoughts on “Brave New World: Lost in Translation

  1. “Even if I have to cut the grass to find the path I will.”

    nice. this reminded me of that bit in philippians that has been plugged into that little worship song ‘in the secret.’

    “Brothers, I do not consider myself yet to have taken hold of it. But one thing I do: Forgetting what is behind and straining toward what is ahead, I press on toward the goal to win the prize for which God has called me heavenward in Christ Jesus.”
    (philippians 3.13-14)

    thanks for stopping by my blog. nice to know someone in the same town…

    this guy’s blog
    might be of interest to you in your journey.


  2. If the path you choose is God appointed, then I can guarantee that He will be the one to show His hand in the pathway. I experience this all the time…I spent much time in prayer and see things that will be, and although I don’t share them with others, God never fails to bring things to pass, He cuts down the grass and the pathway becomes obvious, not just known to a few…

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