I ain’t done nothing I ain’t used to doing

I was the drunken prophet that I wrote about
I was the sincere sinner that they moaned about
I was talking about peace when outside there was war
I was taken outside and thrown to the world

I haven’t read the bible in about 4 weeks
I was drunk for 3 nights on coke n whiskey
I watched your marriage fall apart and bleed
I gave you the room that I needed for me

I did all the things I wasn’t supposed to do
I got married to someone who you never knew
If you’re looking for pills I got this one for you
I ain’t done nothin I ain’t used to doing

I watched cancer take someone out of my life
He lay on my couch day after day just so he could die
I was asking for a miracle but I got denied
I ain’t afraid of looking mortality in the eyes

I was holier than thou and you holier than me
I was a mother’s son who was everything to everybody
But I ain’t a good person and I ain’t no saint
I’m just a sinner that caught a lucky break

I heard people say they’re broke while they’re rich
I seen the most righteous reject the hands of the lifeless
I ain’t got much but what I have I give to you
I been lied to so many times I’ve created an alter ego

I had people tell me who they thought I am
I was covered in labels just because they can
I am a drunken prophet I am an unholy man
I wanted the truth from those I can’t understand

I can’t tell you that I am something that I am not
I can’t make credibility magically appear on the spot
I can’t make the interpretations anymore clearer
I can’t hold you hands while the time draws nearer

I was given something a glimpse of what is to be
I often wondered if the future was even there for me
I read the lines of books from former times
I never lived nothing that I couldn’t make mine

I am me, I had drinks with the most broken
I am me, I had ideas which were not stolen
I am me, I gave compassion to the undeserving
I am me, I ain’t done nothing I ain’t used to doing

(societyVs – Does nothing, he ain’t supposed to)

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