I Wish We All Were Ready – for this type of message!

“I would agree – there is no justification for me hoarding what I own – to another’s demise. The way I see it is quite simple – if they ask, and I do nothing – then I am not listening to the voice of God or even following a single teaching from Jesus (break one – break em all). I have forgotten to love the other as much as I love myself – apparently I have healthy love for myself – but loving myself just seems selfish after awhile.” (SVS)

“I have a warm house when there are plenty of others that don’t and that I’m allowed to have a library of books amongst other things while there is even a single death from malnutrition or starvation (not having enough), there is no justification possible for this. Reasoning like, “I am a good steward” or “I can bless others with what I have” or even “I and my family are entiled to a little something” ring extremely hollow to me when I can save lives by giving even a fraction of that to others. People are dying because they need and do not recieve the things I have. I am responsible for these deaths, I have murdered the other, broken the command “Thou shalt not murder” and killed my neighbour.” (Heinini)

“Levinas points out that this isn’t simply stabbing them with a knife, there are many ways in which we murder, and all of these are “self-ish” pre-occupied with self, justifying self, perpetuating self, always at the expense of the other.” (Heinini)

“In essence I agree with you about the ‘have’s’ and the ‘have nots’ and learning to go back to when we played as kids – and sharing. The idea is not an extremely hard one to understand from the gospels and Christian writings – it’s there in red and white a lot of times. So in essence, I agree with the concept.” (SVS)

“I think we need to develop programs and ideas that will get people to think along these lines – programs that find a way to use what ‘we have’ to help the people that ‘don’t have’…I can see the power of the point of view – working with one another is of the highest importance. Many people are so heaven-bound they forgot about their responsiblities here.” (SVS)