They Just Don’t Get It?

I have written quite a few posts on the issue of being poor and it seems a lot of people don’t get it – this idea seems to be quite foreign to many a believer in Jesus. I didn’t think this was such a hard thing to understand but it seems a lot of people can’t believe that Jesus came to help the poor. Here is what I recently wrote to sum up my position:

“We all personally read Jesus as someone that died for us (singular and plural) to pay for our sins (a propitiation). Were we worthy of that? Did we do something to deserve this great gift (salvation)? You mean we just got the greatest gift of all time for free – and did nothing to deserve it? Now go and look on the poor the same way.” (SVS)

That is quite simply my position on the gospel, on the grace of God, and the core components of this faith. Am I that off?

I see a lot of people that believe the first part of that quote and are quite happy to ‘say so’. Congratulations, me too. But I’ll be damned first if this gospel is all about me and my personal happiness in a selfish world. I mean if that is the case – then what ‘good’ is the gospel? I can personally say he ‘saved me’ from a life of degradation…so. Is that the end of the story? Did you die at that point (I heard some say yes as they read this)? As long as I am happy and comfortable in my little home – then all is well in the world? Smacks of tainted love if you ask me.

I mean the atheists are putting up a good bunch of criticism about this faith – and you know what – for about 75% of it – they are right. Yet we keep on badgering them with all of our BS about ‘me me me’ and ‘him him him’ – yet we have little to show the truly broken in society that just sit and never hear this BS (thankfully). I think there is a 3rd class in this discussion we all have about our faith – and I say it is in doing something ‘right by them’. Are the poor my God? You might think so how much I babble about my own grumblings.

In a few days from now I will have the chance to talk with 39 churches in my city (Evangelical) and they are going to discuss ‘how to help the poor in our city’? I am going to present them with these crazy ideas I have about the gospel and my ‘Action Group’ ministry. Now you would think the idea of helping the poor with developing programs and raising money for this will be of utter importance at this service – but I have to doubt it…we might be too damn selfish to care. I hope they kill me at this point, I think I might have too much bitterness to handle after that show of callousness.

I will renounce my faith after that day if I see very little support for the idea of ‘caring’ – about the poor mind you – who actually could use our paradigm. I find no use for a faith that treats themselves better than the poor – sorry – it seems like a total betrayal of the words of Jesus.

Hey Judas, you only made 30 silver coins for selling my Lord out? Idiot. They sell bibles for more than that.