The Word of God & Prophecy – Part 3

Part 3: Return of the Jedi (other less prophetic dude)

I am back to answer the questions Timothy proposed to me earlier in the week.

“Do you proclaim Jesus is Lord and came in the flesh?” (Tim)
Yes. Why would I deny that Jesus came since I think the writer’s express that quite well. As for ‘Lord’ (which is a British Term for ‘Master’) – I would say ‘yes’ – in that – I follow and respect the teachings of Jesus.

“Could you also tell me how much you love Him?” (Tim)
Quite a bit, so much so, I hold those teachings of Jesus as council for the life I lead. But I have found the love of God is found in the friendships I have developed and within the teachings being lived.

“And why your myspace page in no way reflects any sign of your faith in Christ?” (Tim)
Wait, my background for that page is a dude with angel wings on his back in some kind of contemplative state (how is that not a template of some Christian symbolism?). Sorry it didn’t meet the Christian standard set forth – I will try to obey better next time.

“I do not hear you shouting from the roof tops the Good News of forgiveness in Christ.” (Tim)
Have you ever read my blogs on Losing my Religion or MySpace? They are piled with loads full of Christian teachings (and elaborations) and the experiences I have had with following them. I also live my life according to those values – how is that not a witness – and at that – out in the wide open? No rooftop mind you but not in the darkness either.

“As you have study my posts and comments, I have read all your comments and I do not see the Spirit in your words, nor the joy of life lived for Christ.” (Tim)
Why? Because I have questions and concerns? The Spirit does not allow questions or something? And how do you figure the Spirit is not within me – exactly? As for the joy thing, well you don’t know me all that well anyways so making that judgement means very little. I am quite a happy person and thankful for all I have – and give of it quite liberally – but then again these are typed words – and not video.

“Jason I urge you to get right with God in Christ. Time is very short.” (Tim)
Get right? Interesting. How do you figure I am ‘off’ with Christ? What makes you think that exactly? I mean I could listen to this bit of advice but then I am not sure exactly what this even means.

“Are you yet resisting Him and stifling His Spirit and His free gift?” (Tim)
No I am questioning you and your idea what you write is equal to scripture – so in some sense I am resisting that. But I do not reject the teachings and life of Jesus as false…yet am I still resisting God?

(Tim) “What the Lord has given me to write, stays written, and what the Lord has spoken, STANDS.”

Therefore any discomfort you have is not with me and should not be addressed to me. Only sincere questions of faith will I answer from now on.

The Lord has spoken, yes SPOKEN, to me several times saying, “It is not with you, Timothy, that these contend and will not obey. It is my Word which they cannot bear to hear and will not obey; neither can they discern the Truth as I have given it to them, for the doctrines and traditions of men they hold in high regard and will not put Me first neither will they obey My commandments. Rather they make every effort to search out ways to subvert My word spoken through My prophets and do take even every way given them, of the world and man, so they may go round about. And so, it is continually fulfilled as in all times past: These children of disobedience will not hear, nor can they, for they do continually go about saying, ‘speak to us lies and pleasant things and cast these cords from us. Speak no more in the name of the Lord, we will no listen.’ And again saying they know My Words and My commandments, BUT THEY WILL NOT DO THEM! So take not any complaint to yourself and speak only to those with sincere questions of faith and remove yourself from the slander of these smoking fire brands, their argument is with the Lord…you are but the messenger. It is now up to them to receive it.”says the Lord.

This took a colorful twist – what do you think? God is angry or God is love? God is for our questions and what about a God that seems to draw dividing lines upon human beings? How would you feel if God said this to you for asking questions and questioning Tim about his prophetic office?