Questions = Confusion (Ma, Where’s the Grace?)

I just learned that (a blog site) has erased all of my comments (and Ambree’s) from their discussions/dialogues – and anything we had to say to the prophet Timothy. I was quite shocked to see this was the case and found had really ‘let their brothers/sisters down’ – let me explain my position.

This is censorship (an ideal I rather despise) at the core. I had all of my comments ‘wiped off’ the chalk board of discussion – and what were they – questions and nothing more. I never once called a single person by any rudimentary names nor did I ever question a single person’s faith in the endeavor (since I have the utmost respect for that). I questioned Timothy on some rather simple things and in the end had my faith criticized, was told my questions caused confusion, and eventually was wiped from planet Gracehead as some kind of dissenter? (along with Ambree).

What I learned to think was questions = confusion. I asked a lot of questions and raised some concerns I had with a few things Timothy said – and that was it. I didn’t agree with him and for some reason this was ‘confusing’? It wasn’t encouraging (I understand that) but does everything I disgree with have to be done with a big smile on my face? (Something a Mormon made known as she was ex-communicated – ‘there was vicousness to their niceness’). No. Sometimes I don’t agree but I don’t start hurling stones or worse – silence the other person permenantly. Things graduated from ‘questions = confusion’ to ‘questions = banned/you mean nothing to us’. Why thanks brothers and sisters in Christ, suppose you served that noble intent with a smile also?

What is the real problem for me is this is only the 2nd time I have had this done to me by anything ‘web-related’ ever. Fundamental atheists (who despise this faith and curse God) kicked me once for having an opinion…I find it amazing Gracehead is the 2nd to do so (what a luxury to be in that company). Gracehead made me feel dis-regarded – as if – anything I said did not matter. In my community this is tantamount to calling someone a ‘nobody’ (or meaningless) – and that’s what I became – all my thoughts vanished – I was no more – I became nobody. And this from people that call themselves Christians? Who needs enemies when I have perfectly good people in the faith to ‘demean’ my value and make me know my place – worthless?

In the end, the problem is what Ambree pointed out ‘Everything is ‘Yea’ and ‘Amen’ over there now–with no debate.’. Is that representative of our faith at work in our community? If so, that’s horrendously sad and does no favors to the Christ I read in the gospels (who was asked and posed questions to others – open dialogue). But if we want a world (or even an afterlife) where we all agree on everything – then we are sadly mistaken about the faith (and human race) we are a part of. If we do not have the power to overlook differences we are to be (of all people) avoided at all costs? Is God so small he has to fit into our view of him alone?