Real Love (J. Lennon) – Never Dies..

Just a song that inspires me…makes me think of the idea ‘love my neighbor’

All the little girls and boys, Playing with their little toys
All they really needed from you is maybe some love.

All the little boys and girls, Living in this crazy world
All they really needed from you is maybe some love.

Why must we be alone? Why must we be alone?
It’s real love…Yes, it’s real.

I don’t expect you to understand, The kingdom of heaven is in your hand.
I don’t expect you to awake from your dreams, Too late for pride now it seems.

All the little plans and schemes, Nothing but a bunch of dreams
All you really needed to do is maybe some love.


4 thoughts on “Real Love (J. Lennon) – Never Dies..

  1. I often wonder about all those songs we sang of love and peace and all of my generations strong idealism and how it resulted in raising such an angry and violent generation…


  2. Pam, I understand but I think the idealism is something worth noting – that love is something we can do. I enjoy the idea that the ‘kingdom of heaven is in our hands’ – or we can do something with our faith that can result in real connection with others.

  3. Me too, society. I miss all those old songs about love and peace.

    As a child, I knew nothing but war because the Viet Nam war lasted until I was fifteen. There were so many young men killed in that war and death was so interwoven into the fabric of my generation’s childhoods that I think it forced the idealism to the fore and made a place for our natural innoncence to survive. It was the force of that natural idealistic innocence that brought that war to an end. Your generation needs that innocence too. There is another war now and one that I think is even more deadly that is the violence among each other. I never had to worry about getting shot at school and I can’t imagine what that is like.


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