Coup D’etat (or something like it)

I was at church today and I got some rather odd news from my older brother (who pastors the First Nations church I attend). This person who has been attending the church for a while (he’s from Korea) wrote a letter to the person above my brother at the Alliance to usurp authority.

I read the letter and basically it was all about this Korean dude becoming the ‘head pastor’ and my brother becoming the 2nd pastor (although my brother has pastored the church for like 7 years or so). I read it and thought this is a regular ‘coup d’etat’.

I was kinda miffed about the whole thing and wondered why the Korean dude (who hadn’t even attended the church for 6 months) wanted to usurp power? I thought the letter spoke volumnes about how he saw my brother’s skills in the ministry – which is run by a First Nations person and geared to First Nations people. Needless to say, the letter was just another attempt to back-door someone who was doing a fine job – but not as fine as this dude would of liked (by not fine I mean – not Christian enough).

The Korean dude was not at church today – apparently he won’t be coming back (as he stated). Reminds me of a line from the Big Lebowski ‘somtimes you eat the bar and sometimes the bar eats you’. Well, you can guess who the bar ate up.

**I wasn’t offended by the Korean dude but if I had to say some words to him – they wouldn’t of been to kind and I woulda called him on this tactic he used.