Goodbye to Romance

I have been running a thing called the Action Group for about a year and a half…I have decided to call it quits. It’s strange but I really think this is the right thing to do.

The idea was to help the church develop into a community that actually lives up to biblical precepts/teachings about helping the ‘poor’. I have become very aware that this is not the focus of the church and likely never will be. The idea was way ahead of it’s time and the church is not prepared to become a community of people that work on behalf of society to help reduce the suffering of people within their communities. The church is just to concerned with salvation and that aspect of the gospel – weird that salvation wouldn’t be an all inclusive term for betterment as Jesus used it (here and now) – but that’s just my opinion (apparently).

I was not a good leader and I failed in a lot of aspects – and I admit that. My group never really got an acceptable level within the church – it became so marginalized it became something I did not envision…thusly I am dropping the vision altogether. Maybe some other day things will be different – and that’s the path I will now trod – awareness.

I need to move forward in life – and this group was not something I was prepared to handle anyways. I can live with failure – I find no problem with that – I will merely learn from it. So where to for me now? I haven’t a clue – but that’s the genius of life – it’s goodbye to romance today – finding another love tomorrow.

5 thoughts on “Goodbye to Romance

  1. Okay, don’t look at what you did as a failure, it wasn’t! Perhaps there were seeds planted in hearts that you will never be aware of.

    “weird that salvation wouldn’t be an all inclusive term for betterment as Jesus used it (here and now) – but that’s just my opinion (apparently).” Jason

    Now come on, bro! Your not alone on that one!!

    I think we sometimes we hear a “call” to a specific ministry, and think that God will rain down his presence on all we come in contact with. But, if it didn’t work that way for Jesus, why would it be any different for us? Your doing what your heart tells you to do, and I admire you for that! Keep the faith, brother!!!

  2. Yeah, what Cris said. You were drawn to a need and you responded with an action plan! No shame in trying. Another day you may help in a way you never thought possible.

    Keep up the chin and keep seeking only truth. Walk when God says to walk and rest when He says to rest.

    Love ya,


  3. Its never a failure to show people that they need “to put feet to their prayers”, which is essentially what action is…if there were those that were inspired and learned and it changed their life and the continue to use it then good came of it…

  4. Thanks peeps for the kind words – but this was a total learning lesson for me. I am not down about it – I realize my short-comings and admit that just maybe this time I wasn’t going anywhere – I was ultimately eaten by doubt.

    But I did try and I think there was no shame in my game.

  5. Jesus had that same vision. So do many in the Body of Christ, such as my husband and I. We were attracted to this same vision when we met a brother who is now a director of a ministry that connects individuals to help suffering brothers and sisters in Christ in other countries. After supporting several churches and orphanages in India for many years, we were finally blessed to be able to go there this past January and encourage them in the Lord, as they did us. We visited 21 churches, greeted them, and prayed for each one. The love of the Lord that was exchanged was glorious! The ministries website The director, Court Wood, we have known for many years and has a gentle and humble spirit-a true man of God. He believes, according to Scripture, that when we help ease the suffering of the poor, we are ministering to Jesus Himself, through His Body.

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