Let Me Tell You ‘A Secret’

My wife and I finished watching the DVD about ‘The Secret’. I thought some of the idea’s about positivity work real well in life. Here is my take.

The idea behind the secret is the ‘law of attraction’ – meaning you attract what you want from life (via thoughts and feelings). I think the basic premise makes a lot of sense – if you think a certain way then those same things you constantly focus upon will likely become you. If you are a very negative person then you will likely draw in negative energy – and vice versa for being positive (based on the premise we are beings of ‘energy’). A lot of this stuff also shows up in Quantum Physics, Philosophy, and Religion.

The things I take away from ‘the secret’ are:

(1) Nothing is impossible – what you think is possible just might be.

(2) Doubt is the biggest enemy between us and the life we seek to live.

(3) Reach for the stars and don’t let your dreams by squashed

(4) You control your destiny – and you control your perspective on life – what you want from life is what you will get

(5) We need to learn to see ourselves as very ‘worthwhile’ people and not undermine that

To be perfectly honest, some of this stuff is just second hand news to me – as I have read the teachings of Jesus for sometime and many of these ideas about ‘asking and believing’ are within those teachings also.

All the secret is saying is ‘life has a spiritual component’ to it – I agree. In my culture we are 4 components (physical, spiritual, mental, and emotional) and the sum of all these things provides balance and health to life. What you actually want from life is possible – but this takes a lot of mini-steps before we realize some of those goals we grasp at…but life is a series of ideas we make real.

If your goal is to own a home – and your completely broke…come up with a plan (idea). Go to school to earn a top-rate education or work your way up in a company. Keep your eyes and ears open to the market and build your credit. At some point owning that home just keeps moving closer and closer (step by step). But it all started with a ‘dream’ an ‘idea’ and nothing more. This is how life really does work. You had an idea – then believed it – so as to committ actions to the endeavor – then in the end – you realize you got what you ‘asked for’ (or what you truly believed was possible). That’s simple – that’s too easy – but that’s all we are – an idea (a thought).

Where does God fit into this for me? He is – it all flows under His guidance – and He respects our choices – He wants the best for us – but most of the time we are not sure if we want the best for ourselves. In the end, you are a series of choices/directions – and you can change every single thing about yourself – but it’s a step here and step there (there is no giant step for humankind) and things progress accordingly.

There is no secret or ‘mystery’ to a better life – it’s all rather quite simple – we need to take control of our lives and determine what we want from our ‘living’. You can ask God for a way out of poverty or depression – but if you just leave it at that – then your missing the essential piece of that puzzle – ‘ask and YOU will recieve…’.