Peak Oil – A Change is Gonna Come

The world supply of oil is slowly diminishing – and by ‘slowly’ I mean within our lifetime…and this could/will get ugly (‘end of suburbia’ – movie I just saw). We need to wake up and start challenging our gov’t to take this plight seriously.

The America’s absolutely rely on oil as a way of life and economy. The peak time of the use of oil is actually happening right now – and may even be slowly in decline (ie: this rising gas prices/energy prices). This doesn’t seem like much of an issue (except for our cars) but once one considers that oil is used in every aspect of the society we live in – and there is no replacement at this point – we might see an economic crash similar to that of the 1920’s.

The problem with the issue is it so overlooked and not taken very seriously – yet financially – this is the worst nightmare any of us can dream of in a capitalistic society. This economic collapse will destroy life as we know at (well the convenience of it). We could be looking at lack of electricity and energy (to heat homes), cars will no longer be the main mode of transportation, housing markets will deplete and lose their value, big business will lose it’s ability to transport things so it will eventually ‘crash’ and ‘destabilize’, and the value of our money might not be worth a dime.

It’s a little gloomy and a little doomy – but hey – we built this city – we have to live with it. The film gives some clues to making life easier in this peak oil crisis. Neighborhoods need to ban together and start working towards viable clothing and food options within their sphere of living (ex: gardens and the return of the local small business owner). Business needs to be localized to make travel to work affordable and possible (no more 1 hour drives). There are small answers to big problems.

But this is a lesson we learned so damn late at the local ‘hoe-down’s’ of big business’ profit driving machine – they played and played and we danced and danced – this is a ‘pied piper’ type thing – in this ‘rat race’ someone has to pay (drown). Take a good hard look at the reality of life as you know it – see the kingdoms big business has built for us to live in – the convenience – the cities – the infrastructure – the toys – the technology – the happiness. You know I almost think they know we are ‘as stupid as we look’.

Who do you think walks away with hope in an economic boom and an economic crash? We needed to start making these businesses accountable for their greed and stripping of the world resources for our happiness – but the media machine and politicians make this impossible (they limit our knowledge). I believe the saying is ‘we reap what we sow’ – well we live in a country that has effectively undermined the stability of this planet and something strange is going to happen – we are going to realize forms of poverty for the lack of compassion we had on other impoverished nations and for our greed.

But if you think I am yanking your crank – go check it out and see how dependant America is on oil and our viable options for energy (in the future). I had never really thought about this but I knew the ‘good times’ couldn’t last forever (economically). This issue is worth a look into and worth your examination – so you can both condemn the practices of big business (call for accountability) and see what you can do before the oil drains to a screeching halt.

It’s only fitting I grew up poor.