100 Posts – Still Losing My Religion…

This is officially my 100th post on this site – although I have authored a few at NorthVU’s site (about 10 or so)…but this is my 100th here…almost 2 years of blogging…what have I learned – a lot!

  • I have read 1/2 the Quran up to this point (and blogged with people working w/Muslims)
  • Discussed many an issue with Atheists – concerning biblical texts, history, and life in general
  • Discussed Mormon issues and pondered them
  • Learned Evangelicalism might not be altogether correct – in fact – it isn’t
  • Talked about First Nations culture and my faith – the inter-twining
  • Met a variety of Christian people with a variety of theologies – most quite nice
  • Blogged with people concerned with the Christian airwaves in Canada
  • Blogged with locals from Saskatchewan about life and faith (and Canada)
  • Learned and questioned a lot of what I once believed about this faith
  • Had an idea abound then levelled it for a future date (ie: Action Group)
  • Made a lot of friends and have discussed all kinds of issues with them
  • I am still Losing My Religion…

I have learned a lot from all the people I have blogged with and I still have a ways to go – which I am thankful for – lots of people have opened my eyes for me. I would like to thank Bruced for all the people I met via his site and the intro to universalism, To Chris (ledge) for his quirky stories and great spirit, Jim/Cinder/JollyBeggar/Hineini/Ken/Tim/URSA/MyGarden – for all the Saskatchewan flavor and what they have shown is around me – and it is good, HIS for all the great posts he put down and the discussions he got rolling, Dagoods for our disagreeances but also for his knowledge, Jefe/Dorsey/SCP – for all the great church questions they got me involved in, Jim Jordan – for being a long time support and getting me to look into some political stuff, John Schuck for his liberal views – really got me thinking and seeing things in new ways, Gracehead for some of the best discussions I have ever had on the internet, Burning Bush for the blogs and our head-banging on ideas, and Heather for her blog and the way she thinks – got me looking into the more Hebraic ideas within this faith. I am grateful.

In the end of the day I am still losing my religion – questioning it and seeing it re-shape before my eyes. Who knows what will change in the next 100 posts – but I do know I like to learn – and the crew I read right now is making that happen – thanks!

10 thoughts on “100 Posts – Still Losing My Religion…

  1. I saw a sermon on Sunday in which “religion” was defined as that fleshly way (think pharisee) of worshipping instead of a simple growing relationship with your Savior.
    Keep losing that religion.

  2. Online conversation also freed me from religion and has drawn me closer to Christ. Here we discuss our innermost thoughts and beliefs in a way that just can’t be done in every day conversation. Also, online fellowship differs from church fellowship in that we all gather with a desire to discuss Jesus and our faith in God. Often my church friends never discuss God at all. I believe that these online discussions are the beginning of a new movement that is rattling the old bones of traditional religion.


  3. Hi SocietyVS,

    I especially like the reflective ‘looking-back’ style of this post, and also when it is used in life. It sounds like you’ve really put a lot of effort into searching different approaches to the faith and hearing people out about their faiths as well. I have exhaustively put a great deal of work into this same venture (read the entire book of Mormon!), but I have found what is more difficult (and more worthwhile) is to examine oneself, which you don’t seem to be afraid of doing (although I certainly am!).

    I wish you the best, Jason. My prayer for you is that you have another 100 excellent posts!

    The Evangelically Burning Bush

  4. Sometimes, I think it’s more important to understand who God “isn’t”. Whatever we end up with is who God is, at least to us.

    Glad to know you, friend.


  5. 5 nice responses then Frank’s response – wow. Maybe in a another 100 he might actually take this faith seriously but until then here’s looking at you kid.

  6. Congratulations!

    Losing your religion is the best way to find God and yourself.

    Thanks for all of the great posts.

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