Presbyterians – Lied On Their ‘Outdated’ Website

I was going through the Presbyterian of Canada’s website and noticed they look horrible in their FAQ page about Aboriginal people – and to be perfectly honest – they lie and seem smug in a few places about their claims. Anyways, I wrote their website and their national Native leaders a few questions – maybe they can answer me – likely not but heck – someone has to do it?

**Note this was sent to the National Presbyterian Church…just trying to see if any church involved in the genocide of Aboriginal people will ‘try it’s own members for their crimes’.

Hi, I was just reading your FAQ on your National website about Residential Schools and I have some serious questions about the whole thing.

“As at November 2000: Approximately 16, representing about 80 plaintiffs” (came forward and filed suits against the church)

This is an old statistic – has this grown in the past 7 years? I notice you only ran 2 schools in Canada (which would account for the low amount of cases) – but I have to think these numbers have grown. (I have now found out the Presbyterians ran 9 schools across Canada – so this is an ‘out and out’ lie about their past. Top that off this church worked with the United church and could be even more involved than the 9 schools mentioned).

“None have gone to trial, nor any to pretrial or discovery. Initial statements of defense have been filed in 3 suits…All allege cultural abuse, all are civil suits and a few allege physical and/or sexual abuse. No criminal charges or convictions have been present with respect to these suits, or related to our schools.”

Interesting, is this for marketing purposes or is this church trying not to come clean about the things they did to Indian children? How can you guys be paying money out for things that ‘no one did’? So if it is found out that members of the Presbyterian church did rape (pedophilia) and beat (physical abuse of a child that is not theirs) – will those people be tried by the laws of Canada and labelled appropriately? What if it is alleged that kids never made it home – are you guys willing to look into that? I am only talking about the church being as Christian as it is supposed to be – no more and no less – even if it can even be said you still represent Christ in Canada? (All in all – they do admit to certain crimes happening but as to there being any people tried – it is this aspect they seem glib about).

PS: My dad attended Birtle – and he came out a very messed up person…was actually the same attributes he recieved while in your school (physically and emotionally abusive). Thank God for your church!

“it is unlikely that the financial viability of the denomination is in jeopardy…The Presbyterian Church in Canada, under the agreement, will see its financial obligation for compensation drop from $2.1M to 1.32M”

Interesting that the gov’t settlement would work out in your favor (and why not – they allowed you to exist in the first place). Secondly, finances do not equal actual justice – trying people for their crimes does – or does all your fancy healing ministries with Aboriginals mention this? I couldn’t find it anywhere! (Is it just me or do they seem proud that financially they will pay less for crimes they committed?).

“will be cautious about entering unless we are certain that they will be of benefit to the Church, insofar as possible, our relationship with aboriginal people” (with concerns to alternative answers to the school problems afterwards)

Why not to the benefit of justice…God forbid a little of that should actually come out of a ‘Christian church’ and someone be found guilty for their ‘hate’. As for relationships with Aboriginal people – are you sure even have one? How much of that is predicated on them not knowing your history in full detail? If that is possible – can I view the full history of your church with regards to Aboriginals in your schools? If not, what you hiding and who you hiding? (If that statement I bolded don’t take the cake and reveal their intentions – I don’t know what will).

“Saskatoon Native Circle Ministry”

I will make sure to contact them to with these questions. Maybe he can visit a little website called (along with those jails he goes to) also and get some real perspective on what justice is too. Actually upon further review – I am not sure this dude even is still in Saskatoon…is he?

Are these questions answerable? Either way ‘We support healing processes that arise from Aboriginal peoples themselves‘ (from the national website itself). I propose we seek out any and all clergy that committed sexual, physical, or any other offenses against Aboriginal people and have them tried in a court of law (full disclosure of what happened) – easy enough?