Big Brother & Faith

Recently I have been watching Big Brother 8 and there are a few people on there that are trying to defend their faith…to someone else on that show (an athiest). There is one obvious problem with the whole thing – it is all theologically biased.

First off, they are playing a game – in which the basis is for each person to compete to win (and only 1 person can win). Am I to believe that God wants the Christian people to win over and above anyone else on there? I am not sure scripture even backs that claim up. Apparently, all things being equal (rain/sunshine) – shows God treats all people equal irregardless of their belief systems.

Secondly, why should God even be concerned with a tv show/game? It’s like that old conundrum when two teams pray before the games – should God help one team over the other? Also, with these games meaning very little to the totality of life – just makes no sense that God would be concerned?

Thirdly, I cannot find in Jesus’ teachings good reasons for anyone to even so as think he would be concerned with a game-show. We are talking about a national show (watched by millions) for the enjoyment of the watchers – isn’t that type of exposure ‘reward enough’?

I watch the show and I saw the Christian people do things that run contrary to their very belief systems – as in calling people vicious names (bitch is an example) and outright flaunting of their belief system before others. I sometimes have to stop and wonder if they feel alright by merely ‘believing something’ and not by ‘living something’? All I am saying is theologically speaking – the beliefs they proport as Christian just might not be all that is to be said on the subject.

One thought on “Big Brother & Faith

  1. Also, would there be a time in the show where losing would be the ticket to winning? Where becoming the least would make one the greatest? I believe God would want His children to win in such a way.

    I liked your question about exposure being ‘reward enough’.

    I’m not sure how much one could call these reality shows a form of gameshow. The interest in the editing room probably has less to do with getting the ‘prize’ and more to do with showing the secret desperation even scruplous people carry inside.

    Perhaps such a view could be treated in an uplifting way, as a tragedy or with confessional elements and repentence. But it always seems to me like they just want someone to gossip about and yet secretly envy.

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