8 Things You May Have Not Known About Me

I have to respond to an e-mail Steve Scott sent to me – about blogging on 8 things people might not know about me – so here it is.

1. I consider myself a First Nations Christian – since I am a First Nations person in Canada who is a Christian. I am Cree and Saulteaux if anyone ever wonders.

2. I am deeply involved in a sruggle with 4 churches right now over the affairs of Residential Schools in Canada (and their history with my people) – Anglican, Catholic, United, and Presbyterian. Mostly arguing points of what ‘justice’ truly means and ‘coming clean’ on affairs of the past.

3. I have 2 degree’s in my life – a bachelor of theology and bachelor of business-adminstration.

4. I came from a very poor upbringing – lived on a ‘reserve’ in Canada – then as a kid moved to the inner-city – in a city that was just voted for having ‘the worst Canadian neighborhood’ (that’s where I grew up).

5. I am married to a woman that is Greek-Ukranian – and that has worked out very well (no kids yet).

6. I play a lot of fantasy sports on-line – I truly love fantasy football (which starts this Thursday) – I just love being a coach of sorts and the thrill of victory!

7. My favorite food these days is Rice Vermicelli (and whatever kind of meat with it) – it just tastes so awesome – I think it is Vietmanese.

8. I have made friends of many religious and non-religious backgrounds – and truly enjoy the discussion on-line that I have had with them all – they have all helped me to ‘think outside of myself’ and become a more well-rounded person.

7 thoughts on “8 Things You May Have Not Known About Me

  1. You are an excellent example of someone who has not allowed their circumstances to limit your growth as a human being. Thank you for sharing this. You are a blessing to me.


  2. Thanks Pam for the kind words.

    Mike, I have played fantasy hockey, basketball, and baseball (playoffs right now for me) all this past year – I dig fantasy hockey.

  3. Hi Jason/society
    This is a great idea. I should do the same at my site.
    With my generic name and all I am virtually anonymous. 8 clues as to who I am wouldn’t hurt.
    1 – Do you recommend any websites on Cree or Salteaux history?
    2 – Keep updating us on this. It’s quite fascinating.
    3 – Sounds like a perfect background to open a non-profit missionary organization.
    4 – If Regina (re-JEYE-nuh)changed its pronunciation to Re-gee-nah I think the image might improve…just kidding.
    5 – We’ll pray for kids.
    6 – Sounds time consuming, but rewarding.
    7 – Rice vermicelli – That’s the base of the insuperable Pad Thai. The Vietnamese noodle is called Pho, pronounced Fah (to those who thought the Vietnamese didn’t have a noodle).
    8 – Amen to that. I started out 2 1/2 years ago as a “conservative Christian” but am now a more authentic, iconoclastic Christian, i.e. more like Jesus. The good bloggers push each other towards honesty and introspection.

    Great post.

  4. I dig the little kid picture. Happy is the man who becomes like a little child.

    You’ll have to fill us in on your wife. How did you meet her? In what ways do you identify with her? Glad to hear its working out. What has marriage taught you about yourself?

  5. Thanks Jim for all the info – I thought it was a good idea also (to post all this weird info).

    “How did you meet her?” (BB)

    I was working at a convenience store and her friends worked there also – and she would come in from time to time (apparently she liked me). As time went on I started to talk with her and then one night I just had the courage to ask her on a date. From that point on we were good friends and eventually that morphed into something more meaningful.

    “In what ways do you identify with her?” (BB)

    I think she wanted to know more about the Aboriginal community and was attracted to me because of it (actually to this day she works in the neighborhood I grew up in – predominantly Aboriginal). I think we share very similar views concerning the plight of my people and she is very good support. Also, I think we all share the basic human experience and we both have pain and jo’s in our lives that are similar or intertwined. We actually make a very good team oddly enough – we never fight, we laugh around like no one’s business, and we both support one another.

    “What has marriage taught you about yourself?” (BB)

    Honestly, women are way more self-less than guys are – I see this all the time. My wife has compassion that doubles to triples mine. I have seen how important a womn is in a family – and that their role in society needs to be enlarged to include them (they are very important – they really do complete men). I also learned when I make a decision – I stick by it for both of us (for some odd reason). I guess I have seen our roles in this marriage and how we help one another – but honestly, she is sooooo much a better person than me.

    Thanks for the questions Burning Bush!

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