Learning Over 2 Years in Discussing God

involves endless clicking on hyperlinks to God… never really arriving at a destination, but nonetheless engaged in a lifelong journey through truth, not towards it.” (Jolly Beggar)

I like this – it speaks about the openness of one’s faith (and maybe this is how it should be?). In the past 2 years I have come to a few conclusions also – in the same vein:

(a) Why do I always need to be right – when I am so wrong. I have a limited understanding of God.

(b) I state my opinions and experiences and what I have learned about faith in God – but these are not absolutes. Each person varies in what they learn about God (from God). There is no one way to heaven or hell – just like none of us are the same.

(c) Not knowing the answer is an answer – and can be the most honest one.

(d) No one person should lord it over another concerning theological viewpoints – since we all hold limited viewpoints. The one that does this serves themselves.

(e) Faith that becomes closed is dead. Faith that is for sale is cheap and worthless. Faith that is exclusive is becoming the ‘broad road’. Faith that hurts another is selfish. Faith that follows only the system is a waste of good intellect. Faith needs to remain in the process of open-ness and searching- anything less is a lie we tell ourselves to make us ‘feel good’.

(f) All of us are a community of faith – sharing what treasure we have one with another – so we can have more fulfilled versions of God.

(g)  Faith is only as real as you allow it to be.

(h) It matters what we do with ‘truth’ and not what we think is ‘truth’ – it changes what we defend (ideas or people?).

(i) God is not looking for a defender – but we are looking for something to give us meaning.

(j) The ideas the church structure has defined narrowly (prayer, worship, fellowship, etc) are not at all simple and exist outside of buildings.

(k) God is love and when God is not love God is dead

I’ll leave it at that for now – God knows I could be here all day.