Murder & War – Definitions at War

Regarding war – you are assuming that all taking of human life is murder” (Shane)

Yup. If there is more to taking a human’s life than I know at this point making it not ‘murder’ – explain away. Is not murder the killing of another human? (SVS)

I will not say warfare is good, but you can not equate it to murder” (Shane)

I don’t understand why though? What happens in war that is so different from murder? They look alike, the hatred is alike, and the outcome is alike. Why can’t war be the human’s lowest common denominator – not something normal for humans (or maybe it is?)? (SVS)

Cause war helps define that little tidbit from Romans ‘no there is none that do good’. (SVS)

I have to highly doubt that was what God wanted for us…yet if we can make some lee-way for the war idea – how come it’s so hard to do it for another aspect of murder (even abortion)? Interesting huh. (SVS)

**I have given this even more thought, this idea will not die (or be murdered if you will) yet, but how do we distinguish between what happens in war and actual murder?