The New Hatred (Is an Old One)

The New Hatred (is an old one)

The new hatred is an old one; the new noose is made of old rope
The bittersweet taste in the air has the ring of someone’s corpse
I can’t make out the teeth, can you get me the forensics
This new hatred has its feet halfway in your grave

This new hatred is an old one; I’ve heard all those lines before
Watched war machines that cancel you out before you’re born
I see the the idea of carnage, the idea you mean less then me
Treat me just like you or watch this whole thing disappear

You need me, you can’t face that fact
You see me, but you won’t wait for that
I’m kneeling beside your bed, I’m prostrate
I’m asking you the questions you won’t ask

(Dear God, have mercy on my wretched soul)

This new hatred considers none; the video proves it
I seen a person get beheaded for the things they said
They kidnap and commit murder – who’s next on that list?
The idea’s that are now become what we have to live with

This new hatred, new world order; new world of discrimination
Basing ideas upon philosophies we haven’t lived through yet
I saw Marx and I saw Lenin, they made me forget my freedoms
But dear God ‘we don’t exactly know what we are doing yet?’

I hurt I bleed, and I know that you see this
I won’t turn a blind eye to the crook
I’m living on that cross conversing with you
I’m saying the things you won’t learn

(Today you will be with me in paradise)

***A SocietyVs Lyric – from mid 2007


2 thoughts on “The New Hatred (Is an Old One)

  1. This reminds me of something my husband says, “The philosophy of the sixties is the present reality and it is not what we dreamed it would be.” That in turn reminds me of a Bible verse, I think in Ezekial and I’ll paraphrase. “Take of the scroll and eat. It will be as sweet as honey in your mouth but make your stomach bitter.” This written in reference to prophecy and the reality of it versus the foreknowlege. There are so many things I set out to do when I was young and I accomplished but the reality of them is always very different. This is a personal yet also collective truth. Humankind is far from having it all figured out. Maybe I’m a dreamer but my hope is in humanity one day giving back to God what has truly in reality always been His, our governance. I don’t think there will ever be peace as long as human kind longs to have rule over one another. It is something we just are not equipped to do and no dreamer will ever dream up a philosophy good enough that the reality of it will bring peace and end blood shed. Peace can only begin by each of us making peace with God and surrendering not only the governance of our own lives but all desire for other-control to Him.


    p.s. Oh yeah, I liked the poem.:0)

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