Calling Out Your Sacred Cow…

Rabbi Singer – a well studied individual from Outreach Judaism – quotes and comments on the Trinity (also links to the whole statements and proofs used in the debate about the Trinity and Jesus)

“The verse is found in Psalm 82:6 where the Bible refers to judges who teach God’s divine law as gods. This title was bestowed on them because they were teachers of the Almighty’s divine law, not because they were actually God in any way. This usage is quite common in the Jewish scriptures. For example, in Exodus 7:1 Moses is called a god because he was God’s representative to Pharaoh. In essence, Jesus’ reply supports the very opposite of what missionaries are trying to put forth. Jesus, as depicted by John, is explaining that his identification with God is comparable to the Jewish judges’ identification with God.” (Rabbi Singer – Did Jesus Claim to be God)

“The question that immediately comes to mind is: If the Hebrew word echad can signify either a compound unity or one alone, how can one tell which definition is operative when studying a verse? The answer is: In the exact same way the word “one” is understood in the English language, that is, from the context. “Four chairs and a table make up one dinette set” is a compound unity, and “Hear O Israel, the Lord is our God, the Lord is one” is unsullied monotheism.” (Rabbi Singer – The Trinity in the Shema)

“In response to this argument, I have explained that contrary to the missionary claim that blood sacrifice is the only method of atonement in the Bible, there are 3 methods of atonement clearly defined in the Jewish scriptures: the sin sacrifice, repentance, and charity. Moreover, the sin sacrifice (known in the Jewish scriptures as korban chatat) did not atone for all types of sin, but rather, only for man’s most insignificant iniquity: unintentional sins. The sin sacrifice was inadequate to atone for a transgression committed intentionally. The brazen sinner was barred from the sanctuary, and had to bear his own iniquity because of his rebellious intent to sin against God. The Torah teaches this fundamental principle in Numbers 15:27-31.” (Rabbi Singer – Could Jesus’ Death Atone For Any Kind of Sin?)

“Judaism teaches of forgiveness and a wonderful salvation program based on the Bible. From your letter, however, it is quite clear that the reason you are not forgiven is because you have not sought forgiveness. You must first lament of this iniquity and turn back to the One God of Israel for His precious life-giving atonement. There is no greater iniquity in the Bible than idolatry. Scripture refers to this act as spiritual adultery. This is the very first of the ten commandments.” (Rabbi Singer – Monotheism and Idolatry)

I had never ever read Rabbi Singer but after a quick read of his stuff – I am almost certain we are making the same conclusions and points. Just more food for thought in the on-going research into Jesus’ God status – is Jesus being made into God by Gentile communities is now the greater question?