The Human Jesus

I just finished watching the ‘Human Jesus’ documentary and I must say – what a pleasure of 2 hours; namely Sir Anthony Buzzard. Also here is a list of sites affiliated:

I think the video does a great job in looking at the debate over Jesus as ‘God’ and Jesus as ‘son of God’ – and yes – there is a difference. I think many people are like myself – accepting of the doctrine of the Trinity basically because this is the tradition of the church attended. I never questioned the doctrine much in the past 15 years I have heard about it – but in these last 2 years I had reservations. Within this current year I am solidifying my belief as a monotheist – mainly because every single book in the bible leads me to that conclusion.

What is great about the video is the amount of research done within it but also the theological ramifications of holding to the Trinity. The idea of Jesus as “God’ actually does take away from our ability to worship God in some aspects and also changes the way we interpret every other book, letter, and scripture in the bible. The video asks us to be honest about our pre-conceived notions we bring to the book and to ‘seek for the truth’ and not stop where we get uncomfortable.

Fact is, you accept the idea of Jesus as ‘son of God’ and ‘created human’ – you can pretty much say ‘goodbye’ to many of the priveleged things you enjoy about your church community of faith (ex: from position to full acceptance). That’s tragic – but then again – that was predicted (not self inflicted) by virtue of the beatitudes and many other teachings of Jesus. It’s kind of weird but being orthodox also means being ‘in’ – and questioning the orthodox means being ‘out’ – it’s weird that we let peer pressure define the roles of ‘right and wrong’.

I also like to see Jesus as human mainly because I do take him as a ‘rabbi’ of sorts – the teacher I learn from and follow. I like to think he was very close to God (even given a great position) but mainly that what he taught was also very do-able and asks of me ‘the possible’. I see Jesus directing to me God – via the teachings – and that will lead me to ideas, attitudes, and values that respect the creation of the Father – and I have to play my part. I like responsibility and this view offers it in truckfuls. I like integrity – and this view also helps me keep that. Most of all, I like truth – and this view helps me walk towards it.