2 H Club – Hateful or Hypocrisy

I’d like to be in a community where I have the right to question, to think, to be unsure, to seek. I think it’s great if there’s room for discussion.” (Mimou)

Same. I’d like to be in a community that can accept me for who I am – and not just what I believe. It’s funny to me that the church cares about one believes and that all your ‘ducks have to be in a row’ – and then ostracize you if you cannot meet the standard…and these are the same people that say Jesus fulfilled Torah (Law) on their behalf – because they could not meet that standard…uhm…hypocrisy or hatefulness – one of the 2?

Problem: The church is teaching things or holding to ideals that are hypocritical.

EX2: Forgiveness and acceptance: Jesus died for all humanity – while they were still sinners (which include all of us). The church wants people to repent and change before they garner full acceptance with the church – meanwhile they were accepted to God as sinners?

I am starting to notice something from certain strains/parts of Christianity – the right to be hypocritical or even hateful. It’s like Jesus signed some waiver form for them to ‘treat others lower than themselves (not as equals)’ and ‘act as if they have no error’. Somehow, in being ‘right’ – they have found out a way to be ‘wrong’.

The question is whether this is intentional (hateful) or they are not following their own provided teachings (hypocrisy)? It’s one of the 2 in my opinion – it seems some Christians are taking too much pride in the denigration of another or know better but have so many faith teachings they have no clue how to order them in term of value – so they ignore the obvious ones?

I’ll be honest – this all comes down to how one views God and what values they place as important. If God is seen as exclusive (one way) – this does effect how you can treat people ‘outside that accepted way’ – and in the end you will break commandments of God to keep this value correct. If God is quite vengeful towards the sinner – then it makes sense judgment will also be a high value of the person believing this – and maybe they persuade themselves to believe love is judgmental in appearance.

But this is what happens when we start holding doctrinal statements over and above (even in contention with) our values taught within scripture – we make choices about importance.

 Problem solved…not bloody likely.


4 thoughts on “2 H Club – Hateful or Hypocrisy

  1. As you know, I agree with ‘Losing My Religion’ but I struggle not to lose my faith in the real Jesus and the real gospel.

  2. Ken good to see you around – haven’t heard too much from your lately in the old blog-a-sphere – thanks for the comments and your learning the use of technologies 🙂

  3. There might be a third option. I know I’ve explored this in other posts, but take this example: your teacher tells you’ll receive an ‘A’ so long as you show up and look like you’re trying. How hard to you honestly study if all you need to do is show up and look like you’re trying? Compared to the idea that you only get an A compared to the effort you put into it.

    I tend to apply that to unconditional love/forgiveness. On the one hand, it’s great. On the other hand … how much effort do you put into something if you know that so long as you truly repent, you’re forgiven? Or that someone else did all the work for you? The latter position almost abdicates responsiblity, because God loves you, no matter what. What are the real consequences to being hypocritical, if you only need to repent?

    Yes, part of repentence is a geniune change of behavior. BUt if you have that unconditional safety-valve in the background … are you motivated to change your behavior as much?

    **But this is what happens when we start holding doctrinal statements over and above (even in contention with) our values taught within scripture **

    Agreed. For some reason, the harder one holds to doctrine, the harder they are, emotionally. The truth seems to be tied into the identity of Jesus, or the atonement, or a “fact.” How often is the truth tied to the idea that one must love your neighbor as yourself? That’s not even in the creeds that are used to determine who is and isn’t a Christian.

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