June – Aboriginal History Month

June is Aboriginal History Month – and I am part of a group ‘Regina Aboriginal Professional Association‘ (RAPA) – that is making this a yearly endeavour. 

It started last year when the Province of Saskatchewan and the City of Regina both acknowledged the idea publicly and threw their support behind it. The idea made it as far as the Federal Government – mentioned by a lady in BC in parliament – not sure what happened on a National scene – but we celebrate on the local scene here. 

I am proud to be part of the initiative and to allow for further reach into Canadian society for the Aboriginal (First Nations, Metis, and Inuit) perspectives in this country. We have many planned events this June and we hope to get our community involved in its own self-awareness. We will also be running television Public Service Announcements, radio, and print ad’s province wide.

That being said, no matter who and where you are – take some time this month to learn about Aboriginal history – a documentary, a piece in the paper, a book, or even the internet. It really is a great culture and history – and we are your neighbours. It never hurts to know more about someone else – so this June – give it a try.

Me…I plan on celebrating all month!


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