Guess What Canada Did…

They offered a formal apology to the victims of Residential Schools run in Canada from the 1870’s until the mid 1990’s.

(1) Canada Apologizes for trying to ‘kill the Indian in the child’

(2) Prime Minister Offers Full Apology on behalf of Canadians for the Indian Residential School System (complete with 12:00 min apology video)

I think this is a great way to celebrate June as Aboriginal History Month – but also a great day for Canadians in a step forward in the healing process of Canada and Aboriginal relations. I was very glad to hear the apology – not so much for myself – but for all the victims of those Residential Schools – including my 2 parents. For me, the apology is a step in the right direction towards healing a breach in affairs within Canada and hopefully can provide the step forward to a new and revitalized Canada.



9 thoughts on “Guess What Canada Did…

  1. It made me proud to see the apology today – although late by many years – it was still good to have the apology said and spoken out by the PM and the other ministers. There was a real sense of equality in Parliament today for both sides – Aboriginal and non-Aboriginal – that will (and this is prophetic) lead the way to real equality for Aboriginal people in this country – starting from this apology forwards.

    This really has been a great month for me – I feel very over-joyed about many of the actions taken this month – from this being declared Aboriginal History Month by FNMR (June 16th they declare it) – to the June 5th celebrations in this city (5 things happened that day in the community) – to this apology to Residential School victims (for my parents – 1 alive and 1 not here). And we haven’t even hit June 21st – National Aboriginal Day celebrations.

    It just feels great to know that a path trodden by many great Aboriginal peoples are now being honored and respected to a greater degree – and likely moving us into a more equal partnership for future generations – which includes education and treaty rights. I have watched this all day and I truly do feel there is something bigger happening here than just an apology – even the very words they all mention point to that. How can I not feel some hope? I feel a new day has dawned in Canadian civilization for Aboriginal communities and ideas of equality.

    Imagine, we are the one’s who got the apology for the many generations that prayed in those schools for this very thing – going back over 100 years. Those prayers travelled forth and stayed alive for generations – and those prayers were re-said in the next generations – and then we get the apology – that’s something I think when I hear it all. So joy is a key word for me today.

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  3. So cool you blogged this … I was taking my daughter to Ontario this morning (to join with a friend for a visit) and heard the report on the local CBN station. I immediately thought of you! What a sad chapter in your country’s history, and what a beautiful beginning to what I hope will be an example to the world of what “we” owe the first peoples’. Plus, the broadcast opened a great discussion between me and my fourteen year old daughter. Keep us up to date … I’m planning on doing more research on the “resident schools,” myself. God bless!

  4. *applause* to this news. (A little earlier this year, Australia’s PM apologized for how past governments had treated their aboriginal people. Now, if only something would happen Stateside. ;))

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