From Hate to Fear

Mystical, I really liked the Kushner quotes – that was some deep stuff – and I think he encapsulates the relation of power, love, and evil. I think it is all about focus – what aspect of God we focus on – me I prefer to focus on how much God loves – in this I find the power of God exists – but God also seems relational.

For me, hate and fear are focuses I cannot pick up – to me – God does not seem to be that type of spirit…at least not in my experiences from what living the teachings actually does to a person. We deal with fears and deal with feelings of anger (hate) – and once those go away we move into filling those areas with compassion or contentment. I find it funny for someone to tell me ‘God hates’ – maybe they themselves hate and image it onto God – but I am not sure God does hate. Why ask us to deal with our hate if this is so? Why ask us to deal with our fears if this is so? Why ask us to love ourselves? That is hypocritical (an obvious term Jesus held no esteem for).

I cannot reconcile, within any form of logic, where God can be defined as ‘hate’. I think God can be angry – no probs there – but actually hate…if I am not allowed how can one say the God they serve is allowed to? Question is – are you allowed to hate and if so, how often do you express this right? Also, with hate comes fear – and fear seems to be in opposition to love – can you love God when you fear Him? This is all a matter of expression.