When God is Love & Humans Debate Him

I just finished asking ‘who am I?’ But…now back to theology. 

Who is God? 

It’s something we all think about if we hold to faith – or even to no faith. God is or isn’t. But if God is – then questions abound to what God is (all about). 

I have heard many views through-out my days. 

(a) God is all Loving – and determines salvation for all – no matter what – since all is in the hands of God (including your faith). 

(b)  God is Loving – and determined a path to salvation – but this path is dependant on your choice skills and behaviour – there is a judgment of separation in the end. 

(c) God is Loving – and a path has been determined – but only an elect few ever really find that path and God shows His glory in judgment. 

God is many things to many people – and as simplistic as my example is – it shows a variety of Christian thought on God and His plan for humanity. I am not sure people would debate if God is loving – but they will debate what ‘love’ means concerning God and His work with humanity. This is where we start debating. 

I contend God is love plain and simple. Now what is love and how can we define love? The bible is really of little help on the subject – love is something experiential. To define love – we need to have experienced love and what it looks/feels like. So we need to draw upon on our human experience when discussing a God that contends ‘He is Love’ (or at least John says this about Him in his letter). 

So, when thinking upon God – what does a Loving God look like/and do? What does it mean to you and how does it impact your theology?


One thought on “When God is Love & Humans Debate Him

  1. God is love, that much is true. God is experiential. As to what God looks like, that we’ll never know. and you’re right, the bible is really of no help in this area… i’m reminded of Exodus when Moses askes to see God… God covers up the hole where Moses is hiding and says “you will see my behind” which is a poor translation, the hebrew actually says “you will see where i was” so Moses doesn’t even see God! Just where God was!

    Sometimes, that’s the best we can ask for. Just to see where God was is a holy event. Usually it’s months after a hard event and you’re past it long enough to look back and see God’s love in the ordeal.

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