God is Gov’t – Capital G

Don’t try to tell me that some power can corrupt a person
You hadn’t had enough to know what it’s like
You’re only angry cause you wish you were in my position
Now nod your head cause you know that I’m right..alright!

Well I use to stand for something/But forgot what that could be
There’s a lot of me inside you/Maybe you’re afraid to see

Well I use to stand for something/Well I’m on my hands and knees
Turning in my god for this one/and
he signs his name with a capital G

(Capital G – Nine Inch Nails) 

I was playing Rockband2 the other night and this song came on – so I had to belt it out. It really got me thinking about something – faith and the new faith of our times, politics. 

I personally believe that the church in America has forgotten something very obvious – country and faith are not the same entity. I think many people in American churches worship country along side of God. Let’s play some word association. 

Country = Faith/God

President = Messiah

Flag Waving = Worship

Constitution = Bible

Soldiers = Missionaries

National Anthem(s) = More Prayer and Worship

Pledge of Allegiance = Communion

Media = Spirit

War = Righteous judgment of nations

Educational System = Baptism/Entry into the Faith

Presidential Speeches/State of the Union = Church

Sports = Fellowship arenas

Patriotism = Name of Faith 

For most Christians there is a mix of faith and country within their actual faith practices. I have a tough time discerning whom they love more God or Government? Who really is the capital G? 

If you don’t support the troops – you’re going to hell

If you don’t hang the flag – you’re going to hell

If you don’t support the president – you’re going to hell

If you don’t uphold the constitution – you’re going to hell

If you do not believe the pledge or national anthem – you’re going to hell

If you do not support the war = you’re going to hell

If you don’t love your country – you’re going to hell 

I mean, screw that – I am a Christian not a patriot. I am not going to bow down to some political pressure to be like the new Capital G: 

I am afraid of Americans/I am afraid of the world
I am afraid I cannot help it/I am afraid I cannot…
I am afraid of Americans…God is an American” 

(Bowie/Reznor – I Am Afraid of Americans)


12 thoughts on “God is Gov’t – Capital G

  1. Luke I checked out your stuff – I thought ‘wow – how ironic we both are saying the same things at the same time’.

  2. When I came to my new workplace yesterday I saw that my chair had an American flag sticker on the back of it. I pealed it off and threw it away. I told the woman I work with that I am no patriot.

    I like my country, but I don’t love it; I have lived other places and no doubt will do so again. People have told me ‘love it or leave it’ but I tell them to stuff it. I am a law-abiding citizen who served in the Air Force. I pay my taxes to keep all the insanity around me going. I will wave no flags nor say any pledges; I will sing no national anthem. I have the right to make those choices. If I had lived 100 years ago I would likely have been a communist. Unfortunately that has proven to be a failed model so I must remain content with being an extremely left leaning socialist.

    Irks the hell out of my family….one of many things. They think God is a white male American Republican Christian….It’s all tied up in one nice neat little package. Quite convenient for them.

  3. We had this too – when we were the most powerful nation on earth, God and Empire were jointly hailed.

    I think it’s an inevitable outcome of someone/some group of people being that rich and powerful – they think God must be on their side because they are so rich etc.

    But if you are that rich you’re supposed to be doing great things with it, and sharing it with the poor.


  4. Wow … have you read Clalbourn (Shane) at all? Part of our (American) problem is our arrogant assumption that we are somehow the country of God. You hear the stupidity all the time in the “church”. Trying to tie the USA into biblical “prophecy” or event drawing the States into biblical gaps and pictures. Crazy. I think we all do best when we leave the big picture to “God” and deal with our own day to day, moment by moment lives of influence.

    Kudos to Sarah, too. Today at “church” I had a Jr. High kid reflect what he was being taught at home: “I don’t give money to hobos or homeless people, because it was their own bad choices and stupidity that put them there. Why should I help them?” I was livid and came very close to walking out on the class. A country that forgets those who need the most help maybe doesn’t deserve to continue being a “world” power, whatever that means …

  5. Sarah and Hippy

    I was discussing this once with my mentor. I asked why are some people so blessed. They are healthy, intelligent, strong, beautiful, and very well off and others are not so blessed. He said, “You know all those ones who are blessed, they are here to help the others”………. Sobering thought.

  6. “He said, “You know all those ones who are blessed, they are here to help the others”………. Sobering thought.” (John)

    I also believe something along those lines – but I do put responsibility where it belongs – people get themselves into the positions they are in life – as unfortunate as that is to say. However, if someone asks – then you help – to not is to act better than them and you have to figure where they are at is tough as is. We should not load burdens on people – this is our goal as humans – we should be lifting them. Plus I believe in the beatitudes – which includes helping by being ‘poor in spirit’ – maybe our hearts should be for the poor.

    “I had a Jr. High kid reflect what he was being taught at home: “I don’t give money to hobos or homeless people, because it was their own bad choices and stupidity that put them there. Why should I help them?” I was livid…” (HLIT)

    I actually had this happen to me also – when I was discussing helping poor people with a group of church people. Funny how it all broke down in the end – all the Aboriginal people sided with me on helping the poor whenever asked – all the non-Aboriginal people sided with not helping (same as the kid in the Jr. High). Some of this depends on how close to poverty you really are – and how aware you are of the inherent difficulties with being poor. I have been poor – so i can relate to those people in front of 7-11 asking for change…I thank God – I may have been 1 or 2 decisions away from that predicament myself.

  7. I base my willingness to give to the homeless on 2 things(though its not a perfect system). If they are young and vibrant, I feel they have the ability to make their own way. If they are old and beaten down by life, I give what I can.

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