Holy Days & Holidays & Ignorance

It looks like every Holiday is going to be a struggle because Jim has read Timothy’s book Holidays -vrs- Holy days. I can listen to Jim and understand his perspective, especially with Halloween” (Buffy)

Every Halloween I have problems with Timothy – the reason i was booted from Gracehead is because I celebrate Halloween – I am not sure this is an argument you are going to win unfortunately.

However, here is my take on this Holidays vs. Holy Days thing:

(a) None of the holidays we partake in are actually ‘evil’ in nature – including Easter, Halloween, Thanksgiving, and Christmas. In each of them is actually time to spend with family and to meet new people (usually in a spirit of giving and hospitality).

(b) The Holy Days (feasts and festivals) of the Torah do not cancel out holidays recognized by the American and Canadian calendar – and these Holy Days make no mention of cancelling out other culture’s holidays whatsoever (I see none of that in the Torah).

(c) The holidays may originate from some questionable circumstances – as they claim – pagan rituals and what have you – but nothing in those holidays is actually anti-God or anti-human. The originations (if even true) of these events is not what we celebrate on those holidays (undeniable fact) – if anything these holidays have been ‘Christianized’…or made more pleasant with some of the ideas introduced (like Christmas).

(d) How is Halloween really that bad? Kids get dressed up (fun) and hang out with friends (fun) and go door to door (visiting neighbors) and are given candy for free (a huge treat – and very hospitable of you ask me). That version of Halloween really has nothing that is specifically all that bad – at least this was the version of Halloween I remember as a kid. There was no casting of spells and sacrifces to some strange gods – nothing like that was included in my version of halloween.

(e) Jim may have a perspective concerning halloween – but I have heard this ‘crap’ from churches I attended also – concerning holidays and banning them. They tell you 1/2 truths and ‘fear mongering’ to get you persuaded to their side – like ‘God is not happy with you if you celebrate this’. They try to use their faith in a way that promotes fear – when ‘perfect love casts out all fear’. I do not think our faith should revolve around fear – and when it does – I am not sure that is God authoring that intent.

In the end, the people following Speedy are basically trying to be ‘more holy’ than everyone else – namely because they think they ‘know more about truth and God than the rest of us’. It’s basic nonsense. Not saying they may not know more about some of these Holy Days – but they are misguided in their use of them – they use them as standards of judgement against their own families! I don’t like it personally.


One thought on “Holy Days & Holidays & Ignorance

  1. Both churches I’ve attended in my life have, pretty much, discouraged partaking in Halloween, making mention of its origins and all that. What’s even more interesting to me is that they don’t present celebrating the Reformation as an alternative. On the other hand, both those churches were/are more in the “Charismatic” vein, though they’re not attached to a denomination*. (I didn’t even know that October 31 was Reformation Day until a year or two ago.)

    Also: Doesn’t “holiday” mean “holy day”?

    * My current place of worship was affiliated with the Assemblies of God until a year or two ago. Its main connection now is with a non-denominational church based in Connecticut.

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