Speedy’s Answer to ‘Did Jesus Ever Get Sick?’

Tidbits Taken from Speedy’s Prophecy to Trent ‘Was Jesus Ever Ill?’ Speedy speaks in the name of Jesus in his parts that I offer rebuttal to (article pulled from Gracehead).

Trent, My beloved, you seek Me, and this is very good. Continue in Me, with all zealousness, and in the times to come shall I bring you riches of the kind you have not known, of the kind that shall bring a multitude into My joy. Seek on, and serve Me in all patience and steadfastness of faith, with all long-suffering for those who know not Me and resist My Word…blah blah blah” (Speedy) 

This is the most vague thing I have ever read – and this is supposed to be Jesus speaking directly to Trent? Nothing in this whole paragraph means anything – and it can mean anything you want it to – how groovy is that for Trent? Trent cannot be wrong for reading this and liking it – he’s admonished by Jesus in the letter – plus the letter is so vague I am not sure how Trent could feel he is breaking any of this. Seek – how much? Zeal – how much? Huh? 

A faithful, humble servant is what I require…one who listens to all I teach Him, and then teaches it to another. Only those, who have ears to hear, are given to teach. To the rest, it is not given…Rather, these men of vanities, of which you have spoken, walk among men and the earthly churches, built up by human power, seeking after human praise, elevated and uplifted in their own egos…they shall be brought VERY low…” (Speedy) 

Speedy references himself in the first sentence – now that’s cocky. Secondly, he’s on about the problem with churches – I can dig it – I have some problems with them also – this is his ‘bait’. I’ll be perfectly honest about this stuff of his – its very Joseph Smith in nature – like ‘your own personal Joseph Smith…reach out and touch faith’

 “Trent, My beloved, I have called unto you, and you have harkened. For you have endeavored to become completely virgin, as I have called Timothy, who was virgin according to doctrine, an empty vessel, meet for the Master’s use. And in like manner, are you also becoming, even very quickly now” (Speedy)

Bait was laid out – now it’s time for the hook, line, and sinker. Speedy makes Trent sound like he is getting closer to the truth – by get this – being more dumber (emptying himself from his prior knowledge to nothingness). Apparently Trent is doing a good job – Speedy gives him the old ‘you’re a virgin like me nod’ and is approved. 

You ask of Me questions, of which others think not of, even questions from deep within your conscious” (Speedy) 

Really? ‘Was Jesus ever ill?’ is the question that was asked. I have way deeper questions concerning many things – but was Jesus ever sick is like supremely low on my list of questions to ask a God that speaks back to me. 

By no means did I, Myself, become sick, for the Father allowed nothing to keep Me from My mission in the fulfillment of all that was written. I came as you, in flesh, to live as you, and to be fully tempted as you, yet I did not suffer illness of the body…All those, without sin, live forever and suffer not. And so I was without sin and abide forever, and came to carry the infirmities of those who came to Me in faith, asking that I should heal them. In the same way, I carried their sin, though I had no part in sin Myself. How can one, who is in need of a physician, heal others? Or one, who has sinned, bear and forgive the sins of another? Trent, I was completely clean, so by this, you and all those who seek Me, might also be clean.” (Speedy)

 This is the answer? Remember this is apparently God talking to Trent here – not supposed to be Speedy and his mistaken English (notice bear is supposed to be bare). Ok, here are the problems:

 (a) Jesus came to be fully human – if he never experienced sickness – then how could he have fully experienced what we did? How’s that for a question to ask God!

 (b) “How can one, who is in need of a physician, heal others?” (Speedy) – ask a doctor this and they will keel over laughing to tears…even physicians need doctors. 

I am sorry, if I knew Jesus was going to respond to me with any question I had for him – asking him ‘did you ever get sick?’ wouldn’t even make the radar. 

Speedy if you can hear me, here are a few doozies? If God is Sovereign – why did He let the holocaust happen? How about Rwanda – how did that slip by? Why doesn’t God heal amputee’s or everyone that asks for healing? How does the Trinity work or is it even real? If jesus was 50% man and 50% God – how did this work? Why is when we ask questions like this we are given the old answer ‘it is a mystery’?


7 thoughts on “Speedy’s Answer to ‘Did Jesus Ever Get Sick?’

  1. if all it takes to be a prophet is to speak in a veiled 3rd person and in victorian english, MAN i’m missing out! i can have my own devoted following just by doing this?

    why don’t they teach this in seminary?!?!

    cause then people won’t focus on your f#^$ked theology and bad logic.


  2. ” one, who has sinned, bear and forgive the sins of another” -speedy

    I guess I don’t believe one has to be superhuman or godly to forgive. I carry the forgiveness of those who have hurt me.

    Jesus story of suffering and blood sacrifice (or any sacrifice) doesn’t make sense to me. How does killing an animal and shedding it’s blood cover, forgive or remove sin? I get that it could be a symbolic act , but even i it is just a symbol, my question is why the shedding of blood? I don’t get why blood is so important. If that is all it takes, then we should all hang around butcher shops for a daily cleansing.

    Anyway back to forgiveness, I have heard it said “to forgive is divine, to err is human.” Yes as a phrase it sounds great, but not a truth. Both acts are human, one is just the ideal and ideals are not truth, they are how we would like things to be.

  3. What takes the cake for me concerning Speedy and this letter is these few things:

    (a) His prophecies are ‘vague’ and use biblical terminology – namely from the prophets (may even be KJV english – but they are essentially meaningless.

    (b) Speedy is all about destruction in his letters – that’s just sad.

    (c) Trent has the chance to actually address Jesus – Speedy thinks Jesus speaks through him – and he asks ‘did Jesus ever get sick?’. That’s just soooooo miniscule a thought in comparison to sooo many questions people really want to ask.

    (d) Speedy uses this ‘prophethood’ to garner power and make people follow his directives…and it seems to me Jesus answers whenever Speedy so much as talks – and that is ridiculous.

  4. Wilfred,
    Our tradition teaches that it was only after the incident of the golden calf that God allowed for sacrifice, since it was obvious we were not yet able to conceive of connecting to God in any other way. This was the mentality of the nations around us and was what we were used to. Tanakh tells us how many times that God doesn’t need out sacrifices and that God doesn’t even want them! God wants justice and mercy shown to the poor, the needy, the stranger, the orphan.

    Plus, look through Torah. Incense, the half-shekel, and just plain asking for forgiveness also provided atonement. There is no place in Torah where it says that in order for sins to be forgiven, blood must be shed. Not one place.

  5. (a) What makes you think he didnt experience sickness? Have you seen “The Passion Of The Christ”? If you think thats not sickness (suffering, pain etc.) then you have a completely wrong view of sickness.

    The Holocaust, the crisis in Rwanda did not happen becuase God madeit happen, God gave us FREE WILL. We are able to choose what we do. Its not a mystery at all, you just have to take some time to think about it.

    Jesus was NOT 50% God, 50% Man, he was FULLY DIVINE as Man AND God.

  6. “If you think thats not sickness (suffering, pain etc.) then you have a completely wrong view of sickness” (Jeremy)

    Define sickness? As far as I know – every single definition of sickness is not about suffering or pain – but about actually being ‘sick’. Having a cold and getting whipped are both not sicknesses.

    “The Holocaust, the crisis in Rwanda did not happen becuase God madeit happen, God gave us FREE WILL. We are able to choose what we do. Its not a mystery at all, you just have to take some time to think about it.: (Jeremy)

    I have no problems with the ‘free will’ argument myself – I agree there – my question is more – why didn’t this personal God intervene then…and that’s a good question to ask God…not ‘did you ever get sick?’.

    “Jesus was NOT 50% God, 50% Man, he was FULLY DIVINE as Man AND God” (Jeremy)

    Okay, let me explain this for you.

    If Jesus was Fully God as a human – then was he really a human being like us? Think about it – do you have divine abilities? If no, then Jesus was not like the humans that walk this world – all 6 billion of them – because none of us have divinity inherent in us. This makes Jesus quantitatively different than us – so much so – one could say he is ‘god’ and we are ‘not’ (which is the Christian claim).

    I think Jesus was 100% human and this makes sense to what the writers wrote. If some people believe he suffered in every way ‘like us’ then he also must be like us – that means he could get sick, he could feel pain, his feet got tired, he felt loss, etc. But in order for that mean one iota – he must also be ‘like us’.

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