I Have A Dream…

And it was so…Obama became the first African-American president in United States history – some 40 years since Martin Luther King Jr. made that prolific statement. This is really a great day for minorities this planet over.


7 thoughts on “I Have A Dream…

  1. This is really a great day for minorities this planet over.

    Thanks to, ahem, the United States of America.

    My daughter has always had a laminated placemat that has the faces of all 43 presidents on it. Ever since she was a toddler, I’ve asked her “What’s WRONG with this placemat?” My official answer is that #1 – all the faces belong to boys, #2 – They’re all white. (Actually, my complaint was that they were all white, then they were all male. My daughter’s complaint was reversed.)

    I voted for McCain but I did not vote against Obama because he’s black. Barack Obama won by the content of his character. All Americans should celebrate this election along with the rest of the world.

  2. Yeah, one of the most important things about this victory was that it IS and ISN’T all about race.

    It IS, because it was a barrier that this nation needed to break to truly start moving beyond its past sins instead of putting band-aids on them. It doesn’t heal the wounds but it provides the best therapy we’ve seen in a long time to getting that job done.

    And it also ISN’T, because it wasn’t race that got him elected. He got elected becuase of his character, his consistency, his tenacity, his smarts, his devotion to family and so many other things that showed he was a man who wants to do right.

    Let’s pray now that he CAN. And WILL.

    God bless!

  3. Loved Obama’s emphasis of America being a “Yes We Can” nation. I also loved that he stated that we are the UNITED STATES OF AMERICA! We are not just a montley crew but a united citizenry with a purpose and a vision.

    We Have! Are Doing! And Yes…. WE CAN!


  4. Great day for all of us, especially my sons! This is their country as well. I am disappointed that this election wasn’t my turn to feel that inclusion, but we women did make our point. Don’t think you can toss any old woman into the mix and think we’ll be appeased and placated. No we won’t! Just as with Obama where it wasn’t about race but was instead about being qualified, so with us. Give us a qualified woman and we’re right there, but don’t insult us with anything less.

    My son and I said Shehekiyanu together and ended with a high five. Praised are You Adonai our God, who rules the universe, granting us life, sustaining us, and enabling us to reach this day.

  5. I had some time to think about what Obama will mean in some time from now – and I think I am onto something. It means for many minorities there will be more equality – real equality and trust amongst the various nationalities.

    If you think about it – this will likely be the lasting legacy of Obama’s election to President. This will pave the way to the real breakdown of actual systemic race barriers that do exist for minorities. I personally think those days will fall to the wayside in the next few years – and we will have a more multi-cultural society in companies and prevailing viewpoints. More respect for those viewpoints we may not understand from minority groups will become a prevailing ideal.

    Some people may not get what this means – all I know is my community (First Nations) we are all jumping for joy for the Obama breakthrough. This is not just some minor break-through – for me it means ‘trust’ is going to open towards minorities where there was once some distrust or unknown feeling towards a people(s). Obama is going to get people to trust again. Isn’t this all minorites ever wanted – a fair chance in their future?

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