God On Trial (A Docu-Story)

I had a chance to watch a great show – a sort of docu-story – about Jewish prisoners in Aushwitz and the idea of putting ‘God on trial’. It reminded me of what we do in these blogs – all those conversations we have and all those tough places in theology we go down – and some we refuse to go down.

I recommend this show ‘God on Trial’ to everyone that frequents this blog if only as piece of theological learning – and also for some further learning on suffering in the Holocaust.

The topics are very deep and meaningful – and are thought provoking – whether Jewish, Christian, or Atheist. It’s discussing suffering, faith, election, free will, and everything that goes along with the pain of that moment in time.

It reminded me – don’t we also put God on trial – in some small way – everyday in these blogs? I am not sure that is such a bad thing – to see where faith takes us – or maybe should not take us.

***Figured I’d post this on Rememberance Day (which is like Veteran’s Day)


2 thoughts on “God On Trial (A Docu-Story)

  1. Thanks for the link! Haven’t had a chance to watch all of the movie yet, but I have already read the book. I watched the ending, however, and was disappointed they daven in English rather than in Hebrew. Think it would have been much more profound to hear the ancient words on their lips rather than trite English translations since of course they would have davened in Hebrew. The Hebrew would have been perfect for this scene whereas I felt the English detracted.

    I look forward to watching the rest of it when I get the chance. Eli Weisal is a fantastic writer. If you ever get the chance, read his book “Night”.

  2. Oh it’s based on Eli Weasel’s book – I did not know that. I really loved the movie – it really speaks volumnes to someone considering suffering and what that means in faith…great story.

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