Don’t Hate Christmas, Hate the Game

Does God hate Christmas? If not, Christianity has no unusual hatred towards this holiday. 

‘It’s paganistic’ – one person proclaimed. 

‘Santa takes away from reason for the season’ – another exclaimed 

‘Consumerism is killing the spirit of the holiday’ – a single mother charged 

And so on and so on and so on the arguments rage. The arguments change for whoever is concerned with whatever issue in society – Christmas is a convenient holiday to express that ‘rage’ – it’s the holiday we all love (and is the biggest holiday of the year) and when we hear some ‘rage’ – ears prick up. 

But why does Christianity see a need to hate this holiday? I know Jesus wasn’t born on Dec 25, that’s crazy talk. I know the pagan backgrounds to Christmas and how Christianity adapted the holiday, I thank God we kept it. I know Santa is quite fictional (as we know of him now) and the presents come from loved ones, but a little fantasy is fun. Why ‘rag’ on this holiday? 

Christmas is a great time of the year – people give, people forgive, people get together, people share some fun, people are surprised by the kindness of another, people consider love for humanity, people laugh, people share experiences, and Christmas is one big gift. I love this holiday – it means a lot to me and my family. 

Here is my verdict on Christians that hate this holiday:

  • Become more secure in your personal faith – if Christmas can make someone lose their faith – that same person had no faith to begin with (so let it go)
  • Become less sensitive – if paganism mattered (meant anything) we would all know – and paganism is sooooooo passé
  • Deal with your issues – problems with society will continue to occur – Christmas is not the ultimate villain – your issue with society will still be there after Christmas
  • Enjoy the season of ‘joy’ – if you cannot enjoy a time of the year that asks you to be joyful – then you are quite a curmudgeon – and that needs to be addressed 

So if you find yourself head first with some Christian that is breathing fire on this holiday and all it stands for – remember how crazy these people really are. They actually think a holiday will ruin society or is the cause of the downfall of Western Civilization as we know it…these people live in fantasy like realities (just like Santa).


15 thoughts on “Don’t Hate Christmas, Hate the Game

  1. I agree. Enjoy Christmas! Enjoy the heck out of it!

    And , if you are a Christian who is all upset about what the culture has done to Christmas, and the opportunity arises, speak to someone about Christ. This might be a great chance for you to speak of the One for whom Christmas is named…Christ-mas.

    If you are not a Christian…enjoy the holiday!

  2. I like Christmas!

    You should see my old-fashioned decorations! I like the festiveness, the tradition, and the sort of regathering that occurs.

    Anything is open to abuse, and Christmas is no exception. Perhaps we (Christians) would be better served if we directed our rage against the abuse of Christmas rather than Christmas itself. I think it’s fine to celebrate the birthday of Jesus.

    We don’t do the Santa thing in my home, and all of my kids know he’s part of a fantasy, and they know the story of St. Nicholas. My personal conviction is that Santa can compete with Jesus, so we don’t emphasize him. Nonetheless, we do presents on Christmas morning and have a real tree every year. It’s really fun.

    I also agree with OldAdam – it’s an opportunity to dialogue about Jesus, which I’ll always welcome.

  3. In my house, me and my wife (and our roomate Al this year), we have a tree, decorations, and gift giving that waits right up until the morning of Christmas (no early gift opening in my house or harsh penalties are enforced – ie: I take the present back to the store – get my refund – then drink it up in front of the person – more of an emotional torture LOL). I still sign my presents – from Santa – for the fun of it and the comedy also.

    Christmas is the best time of year. I get to watch a lot of programming that is just plain awesome – like ‘It’s a Wondeful Life’ or maybe even the ‘Charlie Brown Christmas’ and who can forget ‘Scrooged’. I feel a sense of introspection and joy around Christmas – to take full stock of what our lives mean – and maybe even what life means in general.

    Then there is food and family and fun Christmas parties – plus the constant barrage of upbeat Christmas tunes on the radio (except ‘little drummer boy’ – that song like Elvis’ ‘In the Ghetto’ are kinda downers). Oh the fun of joking and laughing with family – and hearing all the fun things we have to say (and holidays galore).

    I am actually getting excited just thinking about it.

  4. I agree, though my wife is French, so from tradition we open some presents Christmas Eve. I find it funny, as I got older I realized all the songs I sang at Christmas were religious(my family is not). Singing them as a child I had no relation to them other than a time for family and community. Maybe that is the essence of God, no need to pray just connect to things outside of yourself. As far as shows go, nothing beats, the cartoon version of the “Grinch who stole Christmas”. That is a classic.

  5. I don’t think Christians in general hate Christmas itself. They hate that everyone else doesn’t celebrate it the same way they do. They hate that people say “Happy Holidays” (never mind that “holiday” means “holy day”), they don’t like that “Christmas” is shortened to “Xmas” (even though it was early Christians who were responsible for it — the “X”, in Greek, was shorthand for “Christ”)…hell, they don’t like that Christ is generally left out. So, it’s a perfect opportunity for them to whine and bitch. (Hence the bogus, so-called “war on Christmas”.)

    There are much more important things to go off about.

    Me, I’m basically working on accepting everything I’ve learned about the day (pagan roots et al), yet continuing to focus on the sacredness of occasion (acknowledging Christ’s birth). And, of course, there’s the specials I like (Mr. Bean!), and some films (White Christmas and A Christmas Story, especially), and…Festivus! 😀

  6. I agree with it all. We love Christmas at our house. We give gifts. We decorate. We do community service. We read the Christmas story. I sometimes write Xmas because it’s shorter and faster. And at my kids public school they say “Christmas” and talk about God. Yeah, it has pagan ideas that we have used (which I think is awesome). And, yeah, too much commercialisation takes place. And, yeah, to me it is just totally idiotic to get up at 4AM to be the first in the door of a store at 5AM on Black Friday. But it is all part of the joy of the season too. It is a good thing.

  7. i LOVE the title of this post. that really kicks ass.

    i love Elf, i think Buddy really is the spirit of Christmas… well if the spirit of Christmas wasn’t the Holy Spirit/Jesus….

  8. Yay, for all the Christmas lovers. Sorry to rain on your parade, but someone needs to speak up for the Christmas haters and it’s not that I hate Christmas, I truly embrace the message of the birth of Christ. Its all the rest of the crap that is associated with the season that I have huge problem accepting. I thank God when it is Dec 26.

    Because if you think about it, the whole Dec 25th event is based on lies and half truths. Christianity is supposed to be this bastion of truth and all things honest, but because of the season its okay to be accepting of the half truths and lies.

    – Jesus was more than likely not born on Dec 25.

    – Colored Lights are meaningless in proclaiming the message of Christ. Trees also. Same with all the other ornaments and decorations. They add nothing to the message, nor do they highlight the message in any way.

    – I give gifts because I like to give, not because of some fabricated day that forces me to give gifts. I can be and I am just as giving on August 9, or March 27, and any other day of the year.

    – Its called the season of good will. Yeah, whatever. See what happens if you get your loved one the wrong gift or if the gift happens to be the wrong size.

    – Santa Claus is a fictional character. However, some people will try to convince children that he is real. Same with rudolph, all the other reindeer, and the elves.

    – Scrooge and the Grinch had a change of heart and are redemption stories. Yet they are both and forever branded as haters. Thus destroying the redemption message. If you don’t believe me call your loved one a “Grinch” or “Scrooge”.

    – Stressmas is more like it

    Don’t get me wrong. I like that people are more upbeat at this time and maybe they are more forgiving or patient. I personally don’t think so. But where is all this good will and forgiveness when I need it from January to November.

    The one saving grace about the season is that it is good for the economy, so I am willing to endure.

    But no trees, lights, or wrapped presents for me. I choose to celebrate the birth of Christ in my own way.

    Amen. The rant is done. Merry whatever it is that you do at this time of the year. I’m going to have an Indian Taco.

  9. My only complaint during Christmas season is that it seems to start shortly after Halloween these days. Seems like the Thanksgiving stuff goes up for a heartbeat, and Christmas stuff is already mixed in with it, and then it becomes like a decorating cancer at all the stores.

    But then again, I’ve soured on consumerism in general.

    I understand, I suppose, why some Christians get snarky about Christmas, but only in a vague, intellectual version of the word “understand.” Marking the day of Jesus’ birth wasn’t important to the gospel writers or anyone in the early church, so there’s no good way to know. So, why not pick December?

    If nothing else, it provides some temporal distance from the more important day, Easter, and with the solstice and the lengthening of the days beginning this month, well, it provide a nice bit of symbolism for the light of God entering the world through Jesus’ birth.

    The alternative, of course, is to not to overtly celebrate his birth at all, which seems silly all things considered.

  10. Just1, if you can’t enjoy a season that is all about ‘merry’ and ‘joy’ and ‘happy’ – life is going to be rough on the path you take. Not all year will shine like that in anticipation of holidays and festivity – most of the year won’t (as you aptly wrote). Take advantage of something good – consumers are.

    I see the drawbacks concering Christmas – only if one tries to make Jesus the focus of the season – and this becomes a dogmatic ritual of building one’s faith (which I think is a waste of time – too much thought).

    Christmas is about the season of giving and not much more…making it into a theological message is fine (it works in churches and in homes) – but I don’t celebrate Christmas because Jesus was ‘born’ – I like the atmosphere of the season as it exists ‘now’. God knows how I feel about Him and His messiah – He doesn’t need the showcase from the season – I think God wants to joy of the season to ring ‘true’. And when it does not – that’s got a hurt a bit.

  11. I think I am going to “lay a bet” that thejust1 will find the some “spirits” just in time for the arrival of the in laws. (TitforTat)

    LOL. I would give you 20:1 odds on that bet. Since, I have a huge house advantage on this one. I can’t lose. Seems like I should start some kind of establishment to capitalize on this. 🙂

  12. “if you can’t enjoy a season that is all about ‘merry’ and ‘joy’ and ‘happy’’ (SVS)

    I do enjoy the merry, joy and, happy part of the season. Of course, I don’t buy into the thought that people, maybe some, but not all, are that much more merry or joyful at this time of the year. People are who they are, all year round.

    A leopard can’t change his or her spots. Grouchy every other day of the year, then grouchy at christmas time, only its a messed up theological grouchiness. If a person is joyful and upbeat every other day then they will be joyful and upbeat at christmas time, only its messed up theological joyfulness.

    “Christmas is about the season of giving and not much more…making it into a theological message is fine (it works in churches and in homes) – but I don’t celebrate Christmas because Jesus was ‘born’ – I like the atmosphere of the season as it exists ‘now’. God knows how I feel about Him and His messiah – He doesn’t need the showcase from the season” (SVS)

    I agree with this and I think we are probably more in sync on our views of the season. I just choose to not have any of the glitz or shimmering things. The lights are pretty though.

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