Skit: Twas the Christmas Holidays, and We All Needed Rides

Jay: I am going out drinking tonight – Christmas holidays you know – family is in town – gonna be fun! 

Pastor: Whoa whoa whoa, you’re going to need a ride – I can’t allow you to drive drunk or what have you. 

Jay: Good call – we all will – me and all my friends. 

Pastor: You bet – and I think I have the perfect solution this Christmas season. 

Jay: You do – let’s hear it. 

Pastor: I am going to start a new program with the congregation – and call it ‘salvations a call away’. 

Jay: Interesting name – I like it already – what do you have in mind? 

Pastor: This Christmas season, throw in New Years while we are at it, I am going to ask all the congregants that want to help – to be ‘on call’ to offer a safe ride home to those people out there drinking. 

Jay: Why would you do that? I thought you were a church? 

Pastor: That’s exactly why we get involved! Did you know that last year in this city 2 people died last year and 95 others were injured on New Year’s Eve alone? That’s a very sick statistic of how people are hurting themselves and others. Why not get the church involved in living up to its beliefs – lets be salvific for once! 

Jay: This way you are living your ideals – working with people in need of that help – and possibly saving ‘real lives’. That’s genius! Who came up with that idea? 

Pastor: What can I say – it rolled out the back of my mind – maybe I should thank God for such insight. 

Jay: You sure should! 

Pastor: I have to go – one of my cousins just sent an e-mail – he’s drunk on spiced rum and egg nog and needs a safe ride home. Sometimes taking up your cross is as easy as warming up your Escalade.   

Jay: What about me and my friends…we are also going out tonight for a few wobbly pops? 

Pastor: Ring the alarm – I have a crew ready to come and get you…but remember this one dire warning I give you… 

Jay: What is it? 

Pastor: Remember to tip the driver – 2:00 am is early for someone to make that sacrifice! 

Jay: Oh Pastor, do you ever stop? 🙂


10 thoughts on “Skit: Twas the Christmas Holidays, and We All Needed Rides

  1. Not being sarcastic at all!

    I may be guilty of tongue-in-cheek comments occasionally, but I truly do try to avoid sarcasm.

    What if a church like mine, here in Chicago, made that a real ministry at New Year’s Eve. That would be responding the REAL needs, not FELT needs!

    It might be tricky to try to evangelize people who are wasted though…

    (THAT was tongue-in-cheek, lol…)

  2. I can’t tell if Jason and Steve are serious or not. In my opinion, doing something nice for somebody so you can then evangelize them is deception. Can’t your doing something nice stand on its own?

  3. “Can’t your doing something nice stand on its own?” (Doug)

    In the skit – its not about evangelizing (by words) – but living your faith in action – and if that is evangelizing about your faith – then people should not live their faith?

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