Life as a Soundtrack (fun, frivilous, and gay)

I borrowed this concept from Jon @ Rejected Reality.

Life as a soundtrack – for some laughs and to know what we all listen to (some insight involved here). Here is how you do it:

1. Open your iTunes (or Rhapsody, Windows Media player, etc.) library
2. Put it on shuffle
3. Press play
4. For every question, type the song that’s playing
5. When you go to a new question, press the next button
6. Don’t lie

Here are my answers (most of them make sense?):

Opening Credits: What It’s Like (Everlast) – Great intro to the world

Waking up: Borderline (Madonna) – Title makes sense – day could go either way

First Day at High School: Mind Games (John Lennon) – Sooooo true

Falling In Love: Dreams (Fleetwood Mac) – Great answer (my wife would even be proud)

Fight Song: Five to One (Doors) – great fight tune

Breaking Up: I Just Want to Have Something to Do (Ramones) – actually sounds like something I’d say

Prom: You Got the Silver (Keith Richards/Rolling Stones) – Kind of a love song? Basically she has the money that night

Life: Top O’ The Morning to Ya (House of Pain) – Soooooo me – I always say ‘hi’

Mental Breakdown: Owner of a Lonely Heart (Yes) – Very believable for someone going crazy

Driving: American Pie (Don McLean) – I like a long song about Buddy Holly for the road

Flashback: Green Tambourine (Lemon Pipers) – Oddly enough – this song is flash-backy

Getting Back Together: Mama Kin (Aerosmith) – Not relevant but a great tune

Wedding: We All Get Old (Ron Wood) – Love it! Captures my real feelings.

Birth of Child: Hate Breeders (Misfits) – Best descriptor on this whole list (lol)

Final Battle: Lithium (Nirvana) – I could see this – on my deathbed

Death Scene: Yesterdays (Guns n Roses) – This is more flash-backy but fits here also

Funeral Song: Crazy on You (Heart) – Makes no sense – I am fond of Pink Floyd’s ‘Shine on you Crazy Diamond’

End Credits: Downtown (Neil Young) – Not sure what to make of this? I die on the streets?

***This was fun – and I would like to know what your soundtrack would be?


7 thoughts on “Life as a Soundtrack (fun, frivilous, and gay)

  1. Here are mine – quite profound this exercise. I didn’t realize the variety of music that I had on my playlist

    Opening Credits: Say it Aint So (Weezer) – Life is full of ironic happenings and paradoxes, or maybe I just tend to see the ironic events. Say it aint so is a good title

    Waking up: Wild Thing (The Troggs) – I’m not all that scary in the morning, but I am game for anything when I wake up

    First Day at High School: I Can’t Help Myself (John Fogerty) – seems appropriate. I never liked high school. I felt alienated from my peers.

    Falling In Love: I’m Coming Back to the Heart of Worship (Sonic Flood) – A good pick about getting my heart in the right place.

    Fight Song: Break on Through (The Doors) – Oh yeah!! A good title that expresses my views on competition quite nicely

    Breaking Up: Buffalo Soldier (Bob Marley) – interesting choice, which makes total sense, if you know who I am

    Prom: Mary Don’t You Weep (Bruce Springsteen) – Makes me sound like I was real heartbreaker. I’m just deadly handsome is all. lol

    Life: Pink Cadillac (Bruce Springsteen) – A good cruisin song, which is how I feel right now. I am cruising.

    Mental Breakdown: Spiderman (They Might Be Giants) – just like spiderman, I’ll go nuts trying to do the right thing. With great power comes great responsibility.

    Driving: Hero’s Come Back (Naruto Shippuuden) – Oddest choice in the whole list. Not my type of driving music, but I like the title. The hero’s come back, even though I never left.

    Flashback: Don’t Let Me See (Jimmy Swaggart) – Another good choice. I used to be a big Jimmy Swaggart fan. He was like our pope, until the incident.

    Getting Back Together: Wanted Man (Johnny Cash) – This is so me. I am a wanted man at this point in my life.

    Wedding: I am the Highway (AudioSlave). More like, I was the highway. I got off that road after 12 years.

    Birth of Child: Girls Just Want to Have Fun (Ska –P punk cover) – Hmmm, seems funny for some reason. I guess girls just want to have fun, but its less painful for the guys.

    Final Battle: Tequila Sunrise (The Eagles). He’s just a hired man working on the dreams he planned to try….

    Death Scene: Paradise City (Guns n Roses) – An interesting choice. I suspect it will be paradise, where I am headed.

    Funeral Song: Honky Tonkin (Hank Williams Sr.) – Must be a party going to happen

    End Credits: Cold Shot (Stevie Ray Vaughn) – It will be a hard dose of reality for all those I leave behind. Just like any other person’s end credits

  2. Fun exercise. The play list I chose fell in line quite nicely here but I’m not sharing…Except for two.

    Life: Little Wonders (Rob Thomas) Absolutely perfect!

    End Credits: Now and Forever (Carole King) Fitting for this to fall here. This is my song for my mother’s memory.

  3. Hey Jason,
    Nice thing about Hanukah, I didn’t have to wait for presents! Between my two jobs I ended up with quite a nice haul on the gift front. New books to read!!!!

    Thanks, Steve and a Merry Christmas to you.

  4. Thanks for the ‘link love’.

    I think this meme has shown just how eclectic most of our music tastes are. No one listens to just one type/style of music.

    Isn’t diversity GRAND?

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