Merry Christmas 2008

I want to say a Merry Christmas, Happy Holidays, and Happy Hanukah to all my blogger friends this season.

Who are those bloggers?

  • Luke (Toothface and Unidactyl)
  • John T (Tit for Tat)
  • Doug (Free Style Road Trip)
  • Yael (Yael’s Place)
  • Dave (Just1) – my actual brother
  • Wilf (My Little Island) – my actual brother
  • Andrew (Hackman’s Musings)
  • Bruce, Geo, Cliff, and others (Bold Grace)
  • Brad and Mike (Confessions of a Seminarian)
  • Dagoods (Thoughts from a Sandwich)
  • All the peeps @ De-conversion
  • Deacon Blue and Miz Pink (Holy Sh*t from Deacon Blue)
  • Jollybeggar (North VU’s and JB Epistles) – local pastor and friend
  • Kevin Beck (Transmillenial)
  • LIT Blog (Hippy Lost in Time)
  • Tim and crew (Miracle Channel Review)
  • Jim Jordan (Moral Science Club)
  • David Hayward (Naked Pastor)
  • OSS (One Small Step)
  • Steve and others (Stupid Church People Nation)
  • Shane Vanderhart (Caffeinated Thoughts)
  • Stand to Reason blog
  • Steve Martin (Old Adam)
  • Steve Scott (From the Pew)

I want to wish you all a great holiday season and may your lives be filled with enjoyment the end of this 2008 year!


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