Recollection to Blessing – Happy New Year!

What a year brings? Here’s what I did some thinking on in 2008. 

Jan – Be the attitude you want to see; Amorality; Defining ‘Belief’; Defining the ‘Way’; Symbolic Language in the gospels; the Salvation Calculation (one of my best thoughts yet) 

Feb – Shema comparison (is Jesus God?); Defining being a Christian; Defining Community; AngerLustThoughtAction (looking at that passage more closely); Rabbi Neil Gilman; What makes someone ‘godly’; a song I wrote; Black History Month 

March – Challenges to orthodoxy; Atonement theory; Point of the Gospels; Turned 33; Universalism and Monotheism; The human Jesus (debating Jesus as God); Biblical errors; Identifying ‘Evil’ 

April – Paul & the Law; Image of God; Interpretation and ‘I’; Jesus being God?; Atonement; Universal Reconciliation; Hypocrisy to Hatefulness 

May – Hirschfield’s book/chapters; The ‘way’ and varieties; 200th post and Imagery; Community and distaste; Faith & Mystery; Problems w/hell; SVS Proverbs 

June – Racism/faith/art; Anger and faith; June as Aboriginal History Month; Does God hate?; Defining God; Faith as a gift of God?; Law/Grace/Fulfillment; Canada’s Apology; John T guest blogger; Faith paradigms 

July – Discussing ‘fruit’ in faith; How Jewish was Jesus?; Theological Grill (questions); Being right vs. being loving; Defining Grace; Morality/Immorality and connection to God; Story about buying my house (faith); Church – what is it good for?; Faith as ‘here and now’; Variations on the term ‘messiah’; Analogies about the power of sin 

Aug – Discussing ‘Eve’ as ‘compliment’; Why I am not a Christian (orthodox); What would you do to make church better?; Faith as mythical; Numbers 31 debate; Reason I left church; Judgment as useful; Religion and faith definitions; Expertise in biblical studies (Torah – Rabbi’s); Is work really a curse?; Homosexuality – sin or not?; dealing with Westboro. 

Sept – Question to de-converts: Christians really that bad?; Defining de-conversion; Law as antagonist (Christian creation); God is Love?; Duality in the Christian faith; Conversion and choice; faith and politics 

Oct – Exodus based in history?; Belief (term) disconnect; God/faith as gov’t; My Methodology for my faith stance; Messianic’s/conversion/gentiles/noahide laws; Speedy’s on ‘did God ever get sick?; Holidays vs. Holy Days; God as human?; Importance of the virgin birth?; Jesus fulfills the law?; Prophets and when Christianity veers off course 

Nov – Taking on Religious extremism and cults; Obama becomes president; My articles of faith; Questioning a doctrinal statement; Heschel and ‘no religion is an island’; Church experience quiz; Expelled; Origins of the Hebrew bible; Authority and 4 faiths comparison; Divinity questioned; Abortion questioned; God on trial; End Times theology and its uses (good discovery)

Dec – Discussing ‘you are gods’; From Jesus to Christ; Inter-faith dialogue; God that changes His mind; Defining ‘aChristian’ (brilliant); Discussing divorce; Don’t hate Christmas; Condemned by your beliefs; Skit on drunk driving program; #300th post and the atheist plaque; Trickiness of defining ‘faith’ 

I look forward to 2009. Here is my personal blessing to one and all: 

May your new year (2009) find all your dreams being fulfilled. May this New Year allow us to heal the earth and the people upon it. May this New Year be a time of hopes realized and dreams begun. 

Happy New Year to all – the quest continues…

6 thoughts on “Recollection to Blessing – Happy New Year!

  1. I really need to consider writing a book on this stuff – some of these topics are just pure gold and I know many people might get something out of them.

  2. ooooohhh a book! i just completed my first! well, it’s more of a 42 page novelletta for my neices and nephews based on “adopted” legends of Beowulf and others. made more PC and more COEXIST. gave it to them for xmas and the LOVED it. good times.

    yeah, we should work together on some “greatest hits” collection or anthology. we’d have to self-publish based on Yael’s article.

    HAPPY NEW YEAR great trip back to all the topics we’ve covered. i’m happy to be here discussing them with y’all. what a blessing to find this website.


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