The Problem With Sin…is SIN?

Comments taken from Old Adam’s Post ‘Free Will or Bound Will’

The problem behind those sins is SIN.” (Bror)

That’s it – that’s the answer huh? Sins’s problem is sin – duh. Don’t ever become a counsellor (word to the wise on that one).

That’s overly simplistic and doesn’t deal with the problems of sin – that we have to face in our daily lives. Jesus may have dealt with sin at the cross – but we still have to deal with sin in our daily lives (oddly enough). To forget that is to forget our responsibilities to become the best people we can be – for ourselves, our neighbor, and God.

What do we just forget that addiction to porn because Jesus died on the cross? Do we just forget that alcohol addiction because Jesus forgave me? Do we just forget that person we physically injured while trying to stop a fight? At what point do we not ‘deal’ with sin Bror? If we are so enveloped in sin that we have a lot of work to do man. From lust to anger to selfishness – lots of work…do we just forget those things because Jesus died on the cross?

Forgiveness does not require action it forgives them all of them even the ones you thing are good it forgives” (Bror)

Really? You married Bror? Let’s say – for giggles – your wife cheats on you tommorrow and then you have to go through a process of ‘forgiving’ her…if that relationship is going to be retained then don’t you want to know she won’t do it again? Or do you just forgive and throw caution into the wind? Forgiveness requires action – and some serious action – depending on how important that forgiveness/reconcilitaion is to us.

Get off it. You’re a sinner, in need of forgiveness and you will never be anything but that. You don’t get beyond the Cross in this life.” (Bror)

I never said I wasn’t a sinner – I sin – I have exclaimed that fairly clearly. Yes I need forgiveness – everyone does – when we do wrong with our actions – if we want to work these things out (if not – we do not seek anything really).

But I am not going to believe some of the things you do because you think – ‘oh, he’s a jerk – look at him – he’s not one of us’ – I am not following God because of peer pressure – but because He’s real. His teachings are real and I enjoy them. You also seem to think some things about me that come from left field for some reason – you type-cast me into some mold for some reason – say things about me that are not true.

then if you were honest you would expect hell.” (Bror)

If that’s what you think the worth of a human is – I pity your perspective on life. I am just stating a teaching of Jesus – which I am guessing God must also live by – ‘treat others how you want to be treated’. Why should I think God does not think like this? If I treat people kind – I will receive kindness. If I forgive people their sins – God can also forgive mine. If I repair relationships – God can repair mine. Now I expect to face a judge that has this as His main concern – humanity. Do they deserve hell? No. God loves all of them – so much so – guess what Bror…he let Jesus lay his life down for those people. Yeah, God hates us soooooo much.

Quite frankly I have no reason to believe God will treat me like I have treated others” (Bror)

Why not? This is a teaching of God – delivered from the very mouth of Jesus to us (written down)…or do you not believe this? Doesn’t God have to abide by His own teachings or is He some kind of hypocrite?

Maybe you never did or do things like that Society. You were perhaps pleasant to everyone. And God will reward you for that. Or perhaps your best bet is forgiveness” (Bror)

Of course I have done those things – and more – but I realize that the way I live my life is a form of atonement for those actions (in the Jewish faith – repentance is considered atonement). In specific cases when I am aware I hurt someone – I make sure to make that situation right again. Or do you not say ‘sorry’ to people?

Of course I am in need of forgiveness – I am a limited human that makes mistakes. But that does not mean those mistakes ‘rule me’. No. I am ruled by the power of God – to forgive, show mercy, have grace, love one another, care about the poor, develop meekness, etc. Most of what I am saying is that forgiveness is meaningless without ‘change’.