Religulous, Ridiculous, and Righteous

I finally watched Religulous by Bill Maher – and here is what I thought: 

(a) I liked it – that’s my kind of comedy blended with a subject I think needs to laugh – religion 

(b) Some people believe in God – but are not very studious concerning it. I figure, like any subject we would study, that if you spend 15 years on something – you should gain a lot of knowledge about it…if not…how hard are you trying? Religion seems to ‘tease’ people into thinking they have it all ‘figured out’…and that needs to change. 

(c) Religion can be very weird at times – no doubts on that…from the books to the beliefs to the concepts developed from dogma. I think people in all kinds of faiths need to question some of the ridiculous things they believe – and temper that with common sense. 

(d) Maher is one of those people that thinks no matter what strand of faith you are (fundie or liberal) you are part of the problem…apparently having no faith is the only way for some people (how tolerant of them). I think this logic is bad logic. 

Why is it bad logic? Because at its core it is claiming to be reasonably unreasonable. The blame is that religion is the problem around the world and causing good people to do bad things…and if we can get rid of religion ‘poof’ life gets better (more people thinking reasonable). That’s also faith though – but that’s not my problem. 

The real problem is – its flawed logic. No matter what strand of ideology and belief set I get into – I find my villains and my saints. From religion, to politics, to lawyers, to medical school, to business, to atheism, to teachers, etc. Should I hate politics because of someone like Hitler or Stalin? Should I like politics because of someone like Gandhi or Mandela? Should I hate the professions of lawyers because some are bankrolled by crime syndicates or like it because it some do legal aid and do pro bono work? Do I hate doctors because 40 are convicted of charges of sexual molestation or do I seek the advice of doctors because they are curing my ills? Do I hate science because of its ability to create atomic energy or like it because of its innovation? 

And we want to blame religion for society’s ills? I think the real problem is humanity and it ability to choose and perceive – and how those tools are used by us. Religion offers explanations and theology around such issues – but only because the core point is concern for the ‘person’. I do not fail to recognize – that whatever a human touches or invents they also make good and evil – welcome to the tree…wanna piece of fruit?