The Dealing in The Healing

I had a chance to talk to my mom last night for about 45 mins – and that was like a new start on life.

In case you don’t know – my mom and I have had a very distant relationship that goes back about 20 years or so…and I failed to give more to this relationship as time went by. There were issues of neglect and abandonement there that haunted me for some time – and last night – even though I forgave her years ago – was about time I ‘faced this up’.

I called her and let her know that I needed a ‘mom’ through this time in my life – and I never realized before that I did (I kind of ignored the idea). I cried and let her know that I am her son and I love her – and always will – and this was something I shelved for years (thinking I dealt with it).

I just wanted to repair a relationship that I helped to grow cold over time – and I started that last night – and it felt damn good to do. Thank God I have my emotional connection back!


9 thoughts on “The Dealing in The Healing

  1. Yeah life is strange – I never even so much as thought this was something I would ever approach again – and it hit me in the middle of the night and awoke me suddenly – I just got up and cried – and made a decision to deal with this emotional problem once and for all (or at least start the process).

    As for me and my wife – were still seperate and there is nothing I can do about that – I accept it.

  2. Forgiveness and love are the most powerful things in the world.

    For you to tell your Mom those things says so much about you.

    You are a good man, Jason.

    Peace and healing to you and your family.

  3. It takes a real man to rethink something they’d thought for sure they’d dealt with. You’ve grown a foot taller spiritually when you realize you’re never finished dealing. May God bless this new reconciliation.

  4. Yeah, I had a similar talk with mom. I am glad you did it and I hope you continue on this path. I know your character and you are not one to turn away from something hard. I appreciate that about you.

  5. Thanks Wilf – this is a very rough process for me – everyday is an up and a down – basically keeping myself busy and trying to do good is the only thing that makes me relax a little.

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