Making The Day…or Carpe Diem

So I have been going through this seperation for about 2 weeks now – and it’s rough – I ain’t going to lie about that. It’s like seeing the same person you were in love with kind of shut down – and I am not sure what’s worse – my feelings for her or my feelings about the awkwardness we sometimes have.

Anywho, I am taking that one day at a time – and I am not going to rush her decision – although no matter what decision she makes will effect me also. I have decided on a new direction with this semi-relationship (or whatever the hell it is)…not only am I going to wait…not only am I going to continue to be a support to her…not only am I going to love her…I am also going to proactively…

I can’t say it – it would ruin all the fun of the ‘surprise’