Making The Day…or Carpe Diem

So I have been going through this seperation for about 2 weeks now – and it’s rough – I ain’t going to lie about that. It’s like seeing the same person you were in love with kind of shut down – and I am not sure what’s worse – my feelings for her or my feelings about the awkwardness we sometimes have.

Anywho, I am taking that one day at a time – and I am not going to rush her decision – although no matter what decision she makes will effect me also. I have decided on a new direction with this semi-relationship (or whatever the hell it is)…not only am I going to wait…not only am I going to continue to be a support to her…not only am I going to love her…I am also going to proactively…

I can’t say it – it would ruin all the fun of the ‘surprise’


4 thoughts on “Making The Day…or Carpe Diem

  1. I am also going to proactively… (SVS)

    I think I know where you are at, on this point. I have been very cautious in my proactivity, probably too cautious, but then that’s my nature. I guess I am more slow-active than anything.

    Anyways, I know it sucks to be in the place where you are at and I know all too well the awkwardness.

    I have no words of wisdom all I can do is relate. So hang in there and be glad you’re not in your 40’s.

  2. …I am also going to proactively…

    I can’t say it – it would ruin all the fun of the ’surprise’


    You wicked, unrepentant tease.

    But on a serious note, since this is serious, all my prayers on this difficult journey.

  3. Thanks Deac – can’t say I will accomplish a damn thing with what I do – but one cant help but use all their resources to try something like this – if not to only give themself some value at the end of the day.

  4. What is fitting – is one of the related posts (from my archive) is ‘I aint done nothin I aint I aint used to doing’ – and that’s how I feel about what I am doing with my life…I am getting back to the old me (lost about 15 pounds and I am working out) – and now I am going to start a process of loving my wife…separted or not – she still needs to know.

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