Moving Into a New Life

I have made a firm decision to not look back and to look forward – what was formerly there does not exist anymore and I have to forget it. For some reason, in a moment of clarity, I saw that the future was much brighter than the present – and even though I don’t quite get it yet – someday maybe I will tune into the fact the best is yet to appear.

Not saying I understand what it is I am going through – I just know it’s the way it is.


8 thoughts on “Moving Into a New Life

  1. do we ever really know what’s happening to us as we’re going through it? like Soren K. said… the trouble with life is that we live it forward but can only understand it backward. (paraphrased, of course, he said it much better.)


  2. I heard an interesting comment the other day that it seems from Torah we only know what is good and what isn’t good long afterward looking back. At the time things happen it isn’t always so clear.

  3. I am excited about your realization, someone said “Nobody can go back and start a new beginning, but anyone can start today and make a new ending.” ~Maria Robinson~

    It sounds like you have an exciting future!

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