The Frailty of OUR Human Reality…

Taken from ‘February Movie: Frailty” (A Wolf Vs. Blog)

Ian, does God change? I read a sentence like ‘i think if we were in OT times’ to mean God did change – from the OT to the NT (which is really a duality question – God of OT and this new God of the NT – which is obviously strange).

As long as your sin ISN’T too bad ‘god’ can use you to kill, if your sin IS too bad then ‘god’ can kill you and condemn you.” (Wilf)

Quote me on this ‘I serve a very complex God’.

God is Just – and requires justice – and as humans we know this urge all too well (if we lose a loved one to murder for example – the crook should not go unpunished – that’s way tooooo much grace). Dare I say – should that murderer even be forgiven? Oh the complexity of reality.

I have to believe God does use us humans as instruments of justice on some level…ie: the court system and what have you. We punish criminals – yes – you and I – because we support that court system and law force. Is that wrong? No.

So as much as frailty is overkill on the subject of divine justice in the hands of frail men – it is that way (on a less extreme level).

We have to dole out a level of justice where it is due – this is being a responsible person on some level. If someone attacks your child in your house – do you sit and hope for the end or intervene? It is unjust to sit and idly watch a crime happen like that – it is your duty to protect your family and home. We may not like an idea like that (and believe me I don’t) but home invasions do happen and people find themselves in situations like this.

Justice is left to us by God Himself (as far as I can tell) and we are little judges in this regards – a huge responsibility in frail peoples.