Who is God?

I have been bantering about on a few blogs here and there and this question remains for me these days:

“Who is God?”

Honestly, do we really know God all that well? In Christian circles there is this sense that ‘we’ do…this total surety of the idea of who and what God is…but if God shows up as a burning bush it might shock your idea of who God is…maybe God is meant to be mysterious?

God is a Spirit…this much I have come to realize.

What does that mean? God is not a man nor a woman – but can empathize with both. God is not going to function according to our whims – we are innately self-centered and we wouldn’t take someonee else’s total advice for our lives – because of their limitations on knowing us. God must know more than us – and not limited to self-centredness.

God is unknown. We know some things and have hints and pathways – sure we do. But in the end – God is not limited to some book or letter because we think we can make God into our image – according to our rules. God is imageless.

What you think know about God will change in the next, 10, 20, or 30 years and it isn’t God changing.