Defining God – Who The Hell Do We Think We Are?

I just got finished reading a 102 comment post about abortion – and let me tell you – I learned a lot just by reading it.

What makes me think someone’s definition of God is accurate? They are talking about a Being they have neither met, truly conversed with, or know what they look like. All they have are some books and letters as directional guidance to go by (all are on an equal playing field in this regards) – but not much beyond those ‘words’. Experience is everything to people living in the present. Interpretation is sitting at it’s right hand.

Judgment does not work as a ‘one size fits all’ category. Each person is unique and some things are really case by case – to measure it all out under one banner is really quite thoughtless. For example, murder is murder – correct? No. Was it manslaughter, 1st degree, 2nd degree, etc. Why should I think everything will fall under some neat assumptive category because someone can make that category up? I know how judgment works – I know how unique our situations can be – I have lived with it for 34 years – and it’s really a case to case basis.

At what point does forgiveness outweigh condemnation? If we condemn – for how long does this sentence last? If we forgive – what makes this reaction more valid than condemnation? Which is the greater path – forgiveness or condemnation? Forgiveness needs to come in for questions if u ask me.  

We are not God – we are simple human beings with limited exposure to the totality of what is happening in the world around us – nevermind the world at large! We can barely even understand ourselves and yet we think we can figure out someone else? Humility, yoo-hoo humility – are you anywhere out there?

Religious institutions within Christianity actually make me sick – not sure why – it’s too damn figured out and can be abused in that manner (make someone look wise). Plus since when does whatever confessional or articles of faith the church prescribes become the ‘word of God’? I think men came up with that system – and if we are looking for actual idols replacing God – don’t go no further than some Christian religious systems (if God had a face He’d look like a ?Charismatic? LOL).

Jesus came and left. This is a known fact. But you are born and are living – right now – able to read and decipher things – in a present reality that effects lives around you…there is nothing more important than what you will do and how it will effect others…right now! Maybe God is more important – but that Spirit ain’t the one I need to worry about – we are the problems and solutions…anything less is selling God short.

6 thoughts on “Defining God – Who The Hell Do We Think We Are?

  1. I am this close, at times, to admitting there is no God – then I realize – there is no one that represents God…no not one.

  2. God fits in my box… ya see.. here’s how i see it you heathens..

    you can follow the trinity of
    1. Friday Jesus who is dead on the cross.
    2. Saturday Jesus who is dead on the tomb
    3. Sunday Jesus who is up and running around.

    i follow the Saturday because that’s a god i can contain and have in a stone tomb and i can dissect him (and i do know it’s a him! who looks like James Caviezel) and have all the anwers. you suckers are just plumb out of luck and even worse… headed straight to hell!

  3. I was inspired for this post by Jim Jordan’s, Luke’s, and John’s long a** convo on Jim’s blog about abortion and what have you – and it seemed to me – there were lines being drawn in the sand about who is and isn’t in the faith – and which side is ‘right’ and all those ‘what have you’s’ of being ‘on a pedestal’. I was kind of like…p*ssed off after reading it all and seeing how religion can be as divisive as inclusive – maybe even the main tool for division in some regards.

  4. humans can use anything as a weapon. sticks, rocks, all those… and once we discovered it’s a lot less work and we can just use words, it gets out of hand quick.

    i can talk to anyone in real time… i can get my point across and find common ground no matter what. i couldn’t do it there.. namely because on the inet, one can become whoever they want. they can use the limitations of the written word to their advantage and twist it and side step and red herring all over the place.

    so it goes.

    if it’s not religion, it’s politics, which if you read between the lines.. that’s largely what the big part of the convo revolves around. people are about as agreeable as they make up their minds to be.

  5. “they can use the limitations of the written word to their advantage and twist it and side step and red herring all over the place” (Luke)

    Plus they play the persona of what they want to be – and maybe that is honestly who they actually are in the convo’s…who really knows…but I know the internet is about boldness (and sometimes italics – lol). All I know is I try to be honest about things – and whether some Christian ideal is breached or not is none of my concern – I have to be honest about my life and not hide behind some code of ethics.

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