I just realized something – revolutionary in a way…maybe just revelatory…

“We create the present realities and world we will live in”

We create on a daily basis (ie: living) and make our lives what they are – and us removed from the process means no more creation (ie: death).

Think about it…every little thing u do changes every little situation u are in. From work, to home, to friends, to problems, to solutions, to relationships, to family, etc…You are the process of change!

Created in God’s image…well then that means we are also creators (of sorts). Isn’t our realities based on the very perspective and focus we apply? The next minute only exists (and can only change) because of your living in it.

So live!


6 thoughts on “Creation…

  1. Good stuff. I think I have had the same realization in my thoughts about bias. We are all affected by what has come before, even the guys who wrote the bible. Also, every time we come up with a solution to a problem, we may solve the problem or at least help the problem, but there will be a whole new set of problems that come along with the solution. I think those ideas in are hidden in what you have said here. At least somewhere. At a minimum, what you have said makes me think of those things. Thanks for the reminder. And sorry to drop off for a bit. Have been surfing, painting, training, and playing mom and dad while my wife is OOT.

  2. Had to stop by to see where your revelation led you, Jason. Figured I’d find a post. You got it. If you want a certain kind of world then you have to get busy and make that world. God already created, now it’s your turn to continue on. It’s like that post I wrote last week about God making the first set of tablets only. When Moses broke them he had to make the second set himself. Get out your chisel, dude.

    If I am not for myself, who will be? If I am only for myself, what am I? If not now, when? (Hillel)

  3. “God already created, now it’s your turn to continue on” (Yael)

    I kind of got this idea from reading one of your posts – it just light-bulbed more or less. I just thought – for that little while – life is really not as complex as we tend to make it – God put that all at our fingertips (although I always believed this – its something else to truly realize your role). Thanks for the great posts Yael!

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