2:1 – 2 become 1

I cannot write today not inspired I guess. But this is sticking to my mind like a mofo:

So they are no longer two, but one flesh. What therefore God has joined together, let no man separate” (Matthew 19:6)

I have always read this passage a little weird…

They are ‘one flesh’ – it has some dual meaning to it – which is only encapsualted in the birth of a child (2 people in 1 new person). However, it is also the sexual act itself. I am not going to explain it – we are all grown-ups.

Why is that how I see it? Because the word used is ‘flesh’.

The second part is basically the moral part of the sentence – it’s the Adam and Eve scenario – God putting these 2 people together – and no one can ruin that/seperate that. But it is only a moral – not a warning – not a curse – not a dead end.

The obvious fact is 50% of marriages end in divorce (and God knows how many have someone that cheated). Moral is fine and dandy – but no one cares. America/Canada is the land of the sex and honey – I mean milk and honey. Sex here has market-values and dominates every f’n airwave we can find. We are born with an abundance of sex. That touches me.

How does that last line look – ‘let no man seperate’…at least God knew it was always men that were the problem. Well, what was seperated? Companionship? Friendship? The literal action of sexual identity? Everything was seperated. Everything that u thought was sacred – isn’t. Thank you Playboy!

It’s funny – but we are replaceable. In a convenient society with convenient ways of living – we become convenient in all we do. The 2 doesn’t mean it’s always going to be you – someone can come along and assume the position – it’s a well known position – 50% of society is trying it these days! They should open stores.

No one tells you the consequences. They give you the formula but never anything more – like sending wild animals into habitats they have never lived in. Then you find out what is being cut and torn and frayed…after the fact – after the past – after the sharing is done. It is sharing.  

2 become 1 – it’s such a daily occurence.

“I am caught somewhere between – my love and my hate” (Faith No More – Falling 2 Pieces)


2 thoughts on “2:1 – 2 become 1

  1. “No one tells you the consequences”

    action and reaction… i would think that we’re reacting to an action caused before we were even born. 2 become 1. we are action based on reaction that’s a reaction to an action of a reaction… and so on.

    and people have problems with the Trinity?! we are strange feedback loops.. illusion reflecting on reality until you can’t tell the difference.

  2. Revelation time (picture lights blinding u in the morning after someone opens the curtains):

    1 is the only number that cannot be divided – that is the meaning

    The passage is about the capacity of love between 2 people to grow until that love literally answers as one (1) – and that is the ultimate goal we should be shooting for in our relationships with our spouses. Nothing more – nothing less.

    On a side note, I re-calling praying to God about 14 years ago about wanting to learn what ‘love’ was/is/experience it. You know what – God does answer prayer (my opinion) – it took 14 years but I am finally realizing what ‘love’ is and can be.

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