All Things Being Equal…

God does not judge sin on a sliding scale. The breaking of any of God’s laws garners a penalty of eternal death” (Steve) (from Old Adam’s blog ‘Christian Schizophrenia’)

 What does the penalty really matter now – all is paid for – even future sins! Perspective is really everything in this convo. What’s the reason for holiness or change if both are equal (sin and righteousness)? I am acquited on the basis of someone else’s actions – some 2000 years ago – and that makes my compliment (whether good or bad) into the faith  meaningless (nothing I do changes a thing – correct?). All things being equal…


One thought on “All Things Being Equal…

  1. well i can’t say i agree with Steve… i think there is a sliding scale.. stealing is wrong, but stealing to feed your family is right. who’s to say how God will judge anything?! God is a surprising and completely unexpected kinda God.

    and i agree.. if you’re christian, and all is paid for.. why worry! this is what Calvin was trying to get at when he talked of the “elect”. a direct quote is “Your actions and piety will tell you if you are the elect. But make no judgment on your brother and view all others as not yet. Always retain the hope that they will join us in the church, and even if they don’t, who is to say but God?” (Institutes, book II)

    it’s the later Calvinists who screw this up…. i think it’s very pastoral. worry about yourself, help your brother and sister if asked, pass no judgment. if only all Christians could do this. oy!

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