Reality: Measured Distance – Arm’s Length Puh-leeeze!

Comment taken from Naked Pastor’s ‘Cartoon: A Measured Distance”

I would like to say Caroline…ever think of converting to Judaism? (lol)

It’s weird to me how vehement Christian denoms are about this issue without any real evidential background to build from. I just pointed out how 3 of 4 branches within Judaism (excluding orthodox – which is not the biggest branch in Judaism) are looking at those texts and arriving at conclusions concerning the rights of gay people/couples. Christianity will hold up orthodox Judaism as some ‘flag-bearer’ for real Judaism – but they aren’t – Conservative would be the biggest – closest category to deserve that title (and they allow gay marriage).

Throw the law out and what do we get – Gentiles running around like a chicken without a head concerning texts they know little about (namely concerning interpretation). The question I saw posed made sense ‘is this a chosen lifestyle or not?’. Because if being gay is not ‘chosen’ then by ‘law’ you cannot force someone to do that with which they are not able (thus Jewish denoms changing their tune on gay marriage and rights – since 1977).

In Christianity, we do not debate like Judaism – it’s never an ‘either/or’ thing – but more a ‘yes/no’ thing – on any and all things – no 2 ways to view something for some reason. Which leads me further to believe – did this faith really come from Judaism or just some co-opting rip off version of the ‘real article’? Where is our safe debate on such topics and reference to Judaism and it’s views when we debate issues like ‘gay marriage’? If they are the fore-runners then I think they earn a voice.

But I am coming to believe Judaism and Christianity have nothing in similar except a few concepts (ie: messiah) – and even then – it’s so heavily skewed to make the comparisons useless.

What does it mean? It means people like Fishon and Steve can ignore Judaic commentary on a Christian (Gentile) subject – because it really has no bearing on the wealth of knowledge Chrstianity has concerning the scriptures (including the Jewish Tanakh – written in Hebrew – an original language of Jewish people; side note – Greek was what culture’s main language?). So they can ignore this and that rabbi – no matter the denom and wealth of knowledge/study they bring to the table on a law issue like ‘gay marriage’…because Paul said so!

Note – Jesus says nothing on gay rights or marriage – leaving this an actual gray area in the gospels. The one passage used is the ‘2 become 1′ passage – and yes this seems to exclude gay couples on a physical/reproduction front – it does not exclude them in the relational aspect of that idea (2 people sharing their lives as 1).

My apologies (and my heart goes out) to Caroline for the absolute ignorance within Christianity.